Heart of The Sea Minecraft: How To Get and Use the Heart of The Sea in Minecraft

heart of the sea minecraft

One of the most uncommon treasures in Minecraft is the Heart of the Sea. The Aquatic update brought Heart of the Sea to the game.

Oceans and seas weren’t all that intriguing prior to the aquatic makeover in 1.13. Mojang redesigned the waters in Minecraft and introduced new marine biomes, critters, and features. Players must go in search of The Heart of the Sea because it cannot be crafted.

Buried treasure containers contain at least one heart of the sea, which players can find. Shipwrecks and oceanic ruins often contain chests with maps of these treasures. Dolphin assistance is required for players to find nearby shipwrecks.

Players must visit the spot indicated by the X on the map and dig beneath the X region to uncover the hidden treasure chest.

How to Locate the Sea’s Heart in Minecraft

A unique treasure that can only be discovered as buried treasure is the heart of the sea. This means that in order to obtain a map that would direct them to a site where buried riches is located, players must first discover a shipwreck or ocean ruins. A heart of the sea can be found by traveling to the location marked by a red X on a map of buried treasure.

Try feeding a dolphin raw cod or raw salmon if you’re having trouble finding both a shipwreck and an ocean ruin. The dolphin will then take you to the closest shipwreck, ocean ruin, or—in certain cases—directly to hidden treasure. Dolphins are helpful animals that follow chests rather than buildings, therefore they will just lead players to the closest treasure chest they come across. This is an extremely effective approach to finding the heart of the sea by gathering buried treasure maps or being taken directly to buried riches because the dolphin will guide players to another chest if they shatter the one they were led to.

Though infrequently discovered elsewhere on the ocean floor, buried treasure is typically found close to coastlines. Players should be careful to check their bubbles or utilize an underwater breathing device because excavating for hidden treasure typically involves breathing underwater while doing so. Failure to do so could result in drowning.

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How to Use Minecraft’s Heart of The Sea

The heart of the sea can only be used once, and that is as a conduit. A conduit is a type of object that gives players benefits in a manner akin to beacons. To make a conduit at the crafting table, players will need to gather one heart of the sea and eight nautilus shells.

Players should begin by putting the heart of the sea in the middle of the crafting table in order to create a conduit. The choice to create a conduit will then be available after the eight nautilus shells are arranged in a circle. The end result is a conduit that gives users boosts and functions as a strong light source while housing the sea’s heart in a box surrounded by shells.


Playing with Minecraft involves both land and water. The sea is much more perilous than land. Low light levels, drowned zombies, and a steady depletion of oxygen are all present. Exploring and setting up an underwater base becomes challenging as a result.

In Minecraft, users can create a conduit by using the Heart of the Sea. In Minecraft, the conduit is a mysterious item that, when used underwater, produces a number of different effects. Players will require one heart of the sea and eight nautilus shells to make a conduit.

It is simpler to find one Heart of the Sea than eight nautilus shells. Nautilus shells can be obtained by fishing, murdering zombies who have been drowned and are holding nautilus shells, and exchanging with the traveling trader. Due to their low drop rate in Minecraft, nautilus shells are relatively uncommon.

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Source of Light

One of the most expensive light sources in Minecraft may be made by players using the Heart of the Sea. Conduit, a little block with a light level of 15, can be made by players out of nautilus shells and hearts of the sea.

It emits the same volume of light as other sources of light (lanterns, glowstone, sea lanterns, beacons, etc.) Both on land and in the sea, it gives out light.

Channel Power

A conduit that has been activated gives players a 32–96 block radius conduit power. Players can breathe underwater and have night vision underwater thanks to this ability. The player’s underwater mining speed is additionally increased by 16.7% by conduit power.

A conduit can only be turned on underwater when it’s enclosed in a pristine block cage. The cage can be constructed by players using prismarine bricks, prismarine, sea lights, and dark prismarine.

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