Hayley Williams Boyfriend: She Revealed in September!

hayley williams boyfriend

Taylor Benjamin York, the lead guitarist for the band “Paramore,” and American singer Hayley Williams both confirmed their relationship in an interview with The Guardian.

The couple announced their relationship to one another. Hayley Williams has been upfront about her relationship with Taylor Benjamin since splitting from her husband Chad Gilbert five years ago.

New Found Glory’s guitarist Chad Gilbert vowed that the group would remain close. Their mutual decision to separate was stated in their statement to their supporters. Additionally, they desired that no one had intervened in this matter because doing so would have called into question their relationship for however long it lasted.

hayley williams boyfriend

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They express their gratitude for the kindness their respective band members’ families and fans of both their bands have shown them.

Hayley Williams penned the song “Paper” a year after the pair broke up, in which she discussed how being Chad Gilbert’s wife had damaged her mental health.

Even though she had ended her engagement, Hayley Williams wrote in June 2018 that she still wore a wedding band. Although a lot of things occurred, Hayley Williams spent a long time delaying eating, sleeping, and having fun. “After Laughter,” the fifth album, was released.

Hayley Williams understood the connection between her physical and mental well-being. She acknowledged that marrying her ex-boyfriend was a mistake and that love could not be bought.

Hayley Has Dated Other Musicians Besides Chad and Taylor

hayley williams boyfriend

Shotty Farro and Josh Williams

Josh, the former lead guitarist and backing vocalist for Paramore, dated Hayley from 2004 until 2007. Above, they can be seen playing at a Paramore performance in Malaysia in 2010.

In 2004, Josh, Hayley, and Zac, Josh’s brother, came together to form Paramore. Nearly all of the songs on the band’s first three albums—2005’s All We Know Is Falling, 2007’s Riot!, and 2009’s Brand New Eyes—were co-written by the ex-couple. In 2010, Josh and Zac both quit the band, but Zac came back in 2017.

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hayley williams boyfriend

Chad Gilbert and Hayley Williams

Soon After the Singer’s 2007 Breakup with Josh, Another Bandmate from Paramore, the Two Started Dating. After Spending Close to Ten Years Together, Hayley and Chad Got Married, but She Later Expressed Her Opinion in A 2018 Essay that The Union Should Never Have Taken Place. on June 30, 2017, the Couple Announced Their Separation in A Joint Statement, 16 Months After Getting Married.

For More than Ten Years, the Two of Us Have Been Dating. We Have Shared a Childhood and Have Supported One Another Through Both Good Times and Difficult Times, They Added in A Joint Statement. “trying to Comprehend Your Own Emotions in The Context of A Relationship Is Challenging… Taking Into Account Another Person’s Heart Is Good, Regardless of Your Own. It Takes Courage to Get Married.

Love Carries a Definite Danger. and It’s Up To Each of Us to Maintain Optimism Even when The Result Isn’t What We’d Hoped for Initially.
“We Want to Officially Announce that We Are Parting up In a Straightforward Manner This Time. We Also Think It’s Necessary to Say that Everything Will Be Okay; in Fact, We Still Consider Each Other to Be Nice People and Close Friends.


Since Taylor’s 2007 Entrance Into the Band, the Duo Has Collaborated in Paramore. in September 2022, Hayley Announced the Couple’s Relationship Status.

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