Hawkeye Episode 5 Release Date, Plot, and More Updates

Taking place after the events of Avengers: Endgame, Hawkeye is Disney+’s original miniseries that revolves around the titular character. Based on Marvel’s character of the same name, Hawkeye explores the life of Clint Barton as he stumbles into a villainous group of Track Suit Mafia.

The show is intended to run for 6 episodes with 4 already out. Created by Jonathan Igla, it is a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, however, the focus is only on the two characters of Clint Barton aka Hawkeye, and Kate Bishop who is the admirer of Hawkeye. Let’s talk about Hawkeye episode 5 release date, plot, and more.

Hawkeye Episode 5 Release Date, Plot, and More Updates
Hawkeye Episode 5 Spoilers

Hawkeye Episode 4 Recap

In Hawkeye’s episode 4 recap, Barton resolves the situation between Eleanor and Duquesne after revealing himself to be an Avenger. Later on, Eleanor tells Barton to keep Bishop out of this mess. She later calls someone to inform them about the current situation.

Meanwhile, Laura assists Barton in retrieving the information about Duquesne and she finds that he’s the CEO of Sloan Limited. It is a corporation that launders the money of the Track Suit Mafia gang. He then gets in contact with Kazi and asks him to convince Lopez to get out of this revenge vendetta.

Through Laura, Barton also learns that the watch that Track Suit Mafia stole is sending a signal to an apartment. He takes Bishop with him to go to the apartment. Turns out, it’s a place of living of Lopez.

Suddenly they both get attacked by Lopez and an assassin. Bishop fights off Lopez and manages to injure her. She takes a retreat. Meanwhile, Barton uncovers the mask of the assassin and it turns out to be Yelena. Barton breaks off their friendship with Bishop since he doesn’t want to put her in more danger.

Hawkeye Episode 5 Release Date, Plot, and More Updates
Hawkeye Episode 5 Release Date

Hawkeye Episode 5 Release Date and Time

For Hawkeye episode 5 release date and time, it is likely going to be 15th, December 2021. Considering that they are intending to finish the show by 22nd December, it makes sense that the next episode will be released on the platform on the 15th.

There are only 2 episodes left in the miniseries and we will likely see the issue with Tracksuit Mafia as well as Lopez gets resolved within it. We will also get the confirmation on whether Bishop with become a permanent part of Barton’s group and possibly an Avenger.

Hawkeye Episode 5 Release Date, Plot, and More Updates
Hawkeye Episode 5 Release Date

Hawkeye Episode 5: Where to Watch?

To watch Hawkeye episode 5, you’ll need a subscription to Disney+. The series is exclusively streaming on the Netflix+ platform, hence there’s no other option than to opt for this platform. There are many different types of subscriptions available for this, get the one that suits you the most.

Marvel’s HAWKEYE (2021) Episode 5 Promo Trailer

Hawkeye Episode 5 Cast

Hawkeye episode 5 will bring in familiar faces from the last episodes. Jeremy Renner will appear as a Clint Barton in his role as the titular character. Meanwhile, Hailee Steinfeld will play the character of Bishop.

Florence Pugh briefly appeared in episode 4 where she was revealed to be Yelena Belova. Before Hawkeye, she also appeared in the latest Black Widow movie. It will be interesting to see how she fits in this universe of Hawkeye.

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