Having a Baby After 40: Nia Long “it Was Pretty Exciting when It Happened”

Having a Baby After 40: Nia Long "It Was Pretty Exciting When It Happened"

Being a mom to two children, in Nia Long’s opinion, is “quite thrilling.”

Kez Sunday Udoka, who is 11 years old, was born to the actress, 52, and her ex-fiancé Ime Udoka in 2011. Massai Zhivago Dorsey II, whose father is Long’s ex-fiance Massai Z. Dorsey, is another child of Long. He is 22 years old.

Long recently told The Cut that she thought she could have trouble getting pregnant again because physicians had previously warned her it would be tough to have more children after her first kid.

She explained, “I figured if it was meant to be, it will happen and I wasn’t going to worry about it either way. The event itself was quite thrilling.

Having a Baby After 40: Nia Long "It Was Pretty Exciting When It Happened"

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The Fatal Affair actress said that it’s important to frame conversations about other life stages and the pregnancy process for older women as valuable exchanges.

“We ought to discuss it, in my opinion. Menopause should be discussed. We ought to discuss the physical changes that occur as you become older “Long said. “We should discuss anti-aging measures, but not in the sense of, “I want to remain forever youthful.” Discarding the term “anti-aging,” let’s discuss what you may put in your body to prolong your quality of life.”

After her 13-year relationship with Udoka ended in December, Long previously discussed being a single mother and said that it is now her “primary priority.”

She said to The Cut that she is “still figuring it out” and feels transparency with her children is more crucial than ever.

“As a mother, I’ve done plenty of things wrong. My parenting has taught me things about myself. Do I regret anything? No doubt, “revealed Long.

“But they’re not the regrets that have ruined and changed lives. They say things like, “I probably could have handled this more carefully had I thought about it before I became emotionally upset.”

The actor from You People continued: “I am aware of how challenging the world is. And if you teach your boys how to handle such circumstances, they won’t come out as spoilt brats but rather as young men who aren’t afraid to take the lead, are gentlemanly, and respect women. That is currently my main focus.”

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