Haunted Hogtown: A historian walks through the town’s spookiest tales

Halloween is going to be different this season, but it does not mean we can not find methods to have any fun. Toronto is an eerie city, using a last filled with evaporating sailors, murderous love triangles and scorned lovers who may take no longer that have led folks to think that paranormal souls have taken root in a number of our best known buildings.

In the University of Toronto into the Distillery District and much more, there are the ones that think that ghosts, ghouls and poltergeists are around usand while we might not be in a position to observe as we do, let us give them a second from the eerie spotlight.

Bruce Bell is the actor, comedian and historian, that conducts Bruce Bell Tours. He is an expert in the town’s history, and it has researched a lot of the town’s paranormal denizens along with the background that frequently led them into their own ghostly fates.

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