Hacks Season 2 Season Finale: Released Date, Cast, and Many More Updates You Need to Know

hacks season 2 season finalehacks season 2 season finale

At the end of Hacks season 2, each ongoing storyline is neatly wrapped up, and the show’s key relationships are turned on their heads. Based on what happened in the season 2 finale of Hacks, it seems like the main storyline of the HBO Max comedy-drama has come to an end. This could be the end of Deborah and Ava’s story or just the start of a whole new chapter. Here’s how things turned out for the people in Hacks.

Deborah fires Ava and stops suing her after she says in public that Ava helped her write her successful stand-up comedy special “My Bad.” The two then go their separate ways. Jimmy and Kayla’s new PR firm is doing well thanks to Deborah’s success, and Marcus and Deborah are on their way to reviving Deborah’s entertainment and merchandise empire. Marty, the owner of the Palmetto Casino, is getting married. This means that Marty and Deborah’s love story is over. Still, the things that come out in “My Bad” give Deborah and DJ more time to talk about their past as mother and daughter. As the grandmother of the child DJ wants to have with Aidan, Deborah has another chance to do the right thing for DJ.

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Why Deborah Doesn’t Change Her Agent

Even though Deborah wasn’t in the room with Jimmy when he quit on the spot because their PR firm wouldn’t support Deborah’s new stand-up special, she knows that Jimmy risked his whole career to support “My Bad.” Deborah talks to Ava about sexuality, the Kinsey scale, and where her material is going next. But Deborah needs Jimmy to represent her in the male-dominated boardrooms where the most important decisions in the comedy industry are made. In short, it’s become very clear to Deborah that Jimmy was not only the most loyal agent at that PR firm but also the best and most forward-thinking one. In fact, it was Jimmy’s crazy idea to put Deborah and Ava to work together in the first place. He was basically the first person to plant the seeds for “My Bad.” In the same way that Jimmy put Deborah in touch with Ava, he could be the key to promoting Deborah’s work even more than Ava does.

In Hacks, where the power structure is eerily similar to that of classic mafia movies like The Godfather, Jimmy is to Deborah Vance’s Don Vito Corleone as Tom Hagen is to Don Vito Corleone. He is the wartime consiglieri to whom Deborah can defer when making both tactical and strategic career decisions. Jimmy’s decision to leave their PR firm and stay with Deborah shows that he supports Deborah’s vision and her growing empire. But Deborah’s CEO, Marcus, might have something to say about who should be Deborah’s consiglieri.

Will Marcus and Wilson Be Back Together in Season 3 of Hacks?

In the last scene of season 2 of Hacks, Marcus and Wilson agree to stay friends because Wilson is already dating someone. Wilson then invites Marcus to his house so they can have a much-needed talk. Marcus and Wilson’s future is less clear than Ava and Ruby’s, who are clearly on their way to getting back together. But Deborah’s personal growth from writing “My Bad,” which was inspired by the true story of comedians who got a second chance in life, could show Wilson that Marcus is worth taking back. Marcus will still be busy as Deborah’s second-in-command, but he is also making room for love.

What does Will happen to Ava and Deborah in Hacks Season 3?

As of press time, Hacks has not been given the go-ahead for a third season, but the way the second season was received by the audience suggests that soon we will learn more about Deborah and Ava’s future. If Hacks season 3 gets the go-ahead in 2022, it won’t come out until late 2023 or around the summer of 2024 at the earliest. In any case, most of the original cast could come back for Hacks season 3, which would follow Deborah and Ava’s careers in show business now that they are on their own. In season 3 of Hacks, we’ll find out if these two can still do well without each other. Hacks season 2 is available on Amazon Prime Video for people who want to catch up.

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