Guide to use Enchanted Books in Minecraft 1.18

Enchanted Books in Minecraft can provide limitless superpowers and so we guide you here to places where you can find Enchanted books and a thorough guide to use them as well.

Enchanted Books in Minecraft 1.18 can truly take the experience in the game to a new level just like finding Diamonds in Minecraft. In the game, one can find regular books as well as enchanted books.

Unlike regular books, Enchanted books hold diverse types of enchantments that can be transferred on different objects. And it also has different levels depending upon the rarity of the enchanted books. Let’s check How To Enchant Items in Minecraft.

Where to find the Enchanted books?

Although finding the holy book is close to impossible, but we provide you the guide of the places to look for.

You can find Enchanted Books from Chest Loots. Chests found at locations like Jungle temples, Strongholds, Dungeons, Mineshafts, Desert Temples, Pillager Outposts, Underwater Ruins, Woodland Mansions, and Bastion Remnant.

The books can also be found by killing mobs and fishing. One might also get hold of a book by trading with a librarian or bartering with piglins at Nether Dimension.

Creating an Anvil is required for Enchanting Items

To create an anvil, the player needs 31 iron ingots. 27 ingots will be used to make 3 Iron blocks. Now, 3 iron blocks and 4 iron ingots are required to make an anvil.

After creating an anvil, the player needs to put it in a certain place and use it for enchanting objects. Also check the best mountain seeds in Minecraft.

How to Use Enchanted Books?

The first step is to open the created anvil. Now, place the item on the left box and place the enchanting book on the right box. This will not work if placed in alternate boxes.

Now, to enforce the enchantments, players are required to have Experience points. The experience bar below the life & hunger bar will denote XP. The enchanting process costs experience. Hence, collecting enough experience is also required.

Enchanted Books in Minecraft 1.18
Enchanted Books in Minecraft 1.18

Complete list of Enchanted Books

1. Aqua Affinity (1 Level)

2. Bane of Arthropods (5 Levels)

3. Blast Protection (4 Levels)

4. Channeling (1 Level)

5. Curse of Binding (1 Level)

6. Curse of Vanishing (1 Level)

7. Depth Strider (3 Levels)

8. Efficiency (5 Levels)

9. Feather Falling (4 Levels)

10. Fire Aspect (2 Levels)

11. Fire Protection (4 Levels)

12. Flame (1 Level)

13. Fortune (3 Levels)

14. Frost Walker (2 Levels)

15. Impaling (5 Levels)

16. Infinity (1 Level)

17. Knockback (2 Levels)

18. Looting (3 Levels)

19. Loyalty (3 Levels)

20. Luck of the Sea (3 Levels)

21. Lure (3 Levels)

22. Mending (1 Level)

23. Quick Charge (3 Levels)

24. Piercing (4 Levels)

25. Multishot (1 Level)

26. Power (5 Levels)

27. Projectile Protection (4 Levels)

28. Protection (4 Levels)

29. Punch (2 Levels)

30. Respiration (3 Levels)

31. Riptide (3 Levels)

32. Sharpness (5 Levels)

33. Silk Touch (1 Level)

34. Smite (5 Levels)

35. Soul Speed (3 Levels)

36. Sweeping Edge (3 Levels)

37. Thorns (3 Levels)

38. Unbreaking (3 Levels)

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