Gucci Mane Requires $1 Million To take part in A Verzuz Battle

In case Gucci fans were expecting to see him jump to a Verzuz struggle anytime soonthey shouldn’t hold their breath. )

The rapper recently said he wouldn’t participate in a Verzuz struggle unless he is being paid $1 million.

“Quit asking me about performing a @verzuzonline struggle unless they have a million bucks they fearful of Wop. #GucciemanVsWhoever,” that he also tweeted.

Gucci isn’t the only artist not hurrying to get involved in a more Verzuz battle. Singer Trey Songz lately said he could be passing onto the internet series too.

“I never actually been in competition with another guy, next girl and placing myself in a situation in which I have ta say,’That is far better than that which you’ve done,'” Trey said. “I am in competition with myself. And I also do not think that it’s no one that actually do exactly what I do. It is a couple of people I do not beg t see at a struggle. I do not beg na visit Chris Brown without any combat, I do not beg na visit Usher in no conflict. I really feel like humans [who] have solidified an area for themselves — such as no question — shouldn’t be fighting nobody”

Breaking NEWS  Trey Songz claims He Will Not Be Doing A Verzuz Battle
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