Grey’s Anatomy: Why Derek Shepherd Came Back For Season 17

It has been ages as Grey’s Anatomy first established, and the series retains us . Throughout the jam-packed premiere of year 17, we noticed couples who awakened, a toddler got his title, along with Meredith Grey failed at the parking lot of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, contributing to the return which nobody anticipated: Derek Shepherd, himself. It’s not necessary to wind up, you are not the sole dreaming!

That is correct, Patrick Dempsey’s McDreamy created a surprise return from a few of the show’s most significant spins yet. Derek passed away within an April 2015 incident that left both lovers and his wife Meredith Grey crushed and, even though he has made short appearances in the shape of flashbacks, that will be actually the very first time that the actor has ever returned to reprise his cherished character. And in a smart callback into his notorious nickname, he looks on a shore in Meredith’s fantasy.

While his look brings us much more questions than answers, there is 1 thing we know for certain — Derek is still very much dead. This is not enjoy the Alex and Izzie scenario where somebody disappears and is only dead to lovers — we saw Derek perish. We all lived with Meredith along with their children. It is apparent Meredith is with a dream due to anything made her plump. There is definitely a reason to worry about this, but , we ought to only bask in the delight of visiting Meredith with the guy she has loved more than anybody else and who’s her true intimate soulmate (sorry Deluca!) . Showrunner Krista Vernoff submitted a supersweet photograph of Ellen Pompeo and Dempsey filming their scenes onto her Instagram webpage, and wow, the textures are powerful!

Based on a meeting by Deadline, Pompeo has been the only to consider inviting Dempsey back into the series. “There is so much shadow, and we knew that coming together could be a tiny beam of light,” she clarified. “And therefore, I believe we had exactly the exact same concept, in the heart, to need to assist individuals and bring a smile to people’s faces”

Dempsey was happy to rejoin his former TV household, stating that it was”good to see everyone” and imagining the way the energetic of this cast and crew had changed because he’d been a part of this series. However, as Pompeo states, both have a chemistry that is easy to drop back in to,”enjoy riding a bicycle.” She adds,”It was very therapeutic to return, and understand that we are doing something great, setting a positive narrative, a recovery narrative, likely to make folks smile, and that I believe, for me personally, I am really thankful for the chance in order to be in this location at the series where people can accomplish this.”

nobody can disclose just how many episodes Dempsey would stick to for, however, Vernoff highlighted his yield is a”happy” one. Therefore, while our hearts can break watching Derek and Meredith return on our displays after this very long time, it will not be ripped to shreds back again. Let us just appreciate the good times while we are!

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