Greek authorities start moving asylum-seekers into fresh camp

KARA TEPE, Greece – A Greek police performance is underway to the island of Lesbos to transfer tens of thousands of migrants and refugees left homeless following a fire destroyed their ancestral camp to a brand new centre on the island.

Authorities said Thursday morning’s surgery comprised 70 female police officers that had been coming asylum-seekers with the intent of forcing them to proceed to the camp from the island Kara Tepe region. No violence has been reported since the surgery started.

The famously squalid Moria camp burnt down a week in flames that Greek governments said were intentionally set by a little set of the camp population angered by lockdown constraints imposed following a coronavirus epidemic.

The blazes have endured over just 1,200 individuals in need of emergency shelter. The huge majority are sleeping rough with both sides of a street leading from Moria into the island capital of Mytilene, erecting makeshift shelters made from blankets, sheets, reeds and even cardboard.

The brand new camp is composed of big family tents built at a field by the ocean. From Wednesday nightit had a potential of approximately 8,000 individuals, as stated by the UN refugee agency, but just approximately 1,100 largely vulnerable individuals had entered.

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Brand New arrivals are analyzed to the coronavirus, enrolled and assigned a crate.

“That is a procedure for the protection of public health along having a transparent diplomatic material,” the authorities said in a declaration.

Six Afghans, including two minors, were detained on suspicion of causing last week’s flames at Moria. Even the blazes broke out following isolation orders had been issued through an camp lockdown, when 35 people tested positive for the coronavirus.

Moria had a capacity of over two,700 individuals, but over 12,500 individuals were living in and about it as it burnt down. The camp and its own squalid requirements were held by critics as a sign of Europe’s failed migration policies.

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