Greatest Telfar Bag Dupes: Chic Handbag Alternatives into the Iconic Bags

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Often dubbed”the Brooklyn Birkin” Telfar’s iconic handbag is easily the most coveted handbag of 2020, However it Is also among the trickiest to Receive Hands.

Even the cult-favorite handbag is sold-out, which makes it even more distinctive and in-demand and finally encouraging me to find the finest Telfar tote dupes available on the industry.

While Amazon recently hauled the moderate square-shaped shopper bag on the internet, stock entirely sold out in only hoursthanks in part, to Oprah’s acceptance of the bag, which she introduced to her yearly”favourite things” list annually. Regardless, it is pretty much impossible to get your hands about the purse 2020–yes, it is even tough to find a single in the resale market which is not ridiculously discounted or even a straight-up knock-off.

As a self-professed fool hunter that missed out to the very small window of opportunity to receive hands on one if Amazon dropped them another week, I chose to look for the second best thing–a strong Telfar handbag look-alike that resembles minimum, slightly near the actual thing. TBH, there is not really an specific replica of this Brooklyn-based and Black-owned designer handbag (and I am fine with this ), however I really did happen to come across a few posh options that catch its character and emulate its appearance to a decent~ diploma.

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Courtesy of Everlane.

Everlane Lunchbox Tote Bag

This luxe handbag has been built using buttery Italian leather that meets the high quality and allure of this Telfar. It is similar to Telfar’s moderate bag, such as this.

Courtesy of ASOS.

ASOS Design Square Shopper Bag

This very affordable dupe appears a lot more costly than it really is and has exactly the identical contour as the Telfar tote.

Courtesy of Mango.

Mango Shopper bag

This square-shaped shopper tote is very similar in proportion and layout to the big Telfar bag. )

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