Grand Army: Can You Really Be a Season Two on Netflix?

Grand Army: Will There Be a Season 2 on Netflix?

It just takes eight episodes for Netflix’s Grand Army to fully hook you up, but after it is over, you will be starving for more. The play, which continues on the streaming website in Oct. 16, follows a group of New York City teens who attend to the highly competitive public high school in Brooklyn called Grand Army. The very first season exerts systemic racism, sexual attack, global adoption, sexuality, feminism, and the students struggle to be successful, live, and restrain their potential in an integral world world.

Loosely based on Slut: The Play, composed by showrunner and theatre instructor Katie Cappiello, respectively Grand Army is indicative of displays such as Euphoria and Degrassi, delving deep into the world of this newest generation and the ways they could harm themselves and each other because they attempt to create awareness of the world about them. In the last episodes of this season, we see pupils point a sit-in from in-school racism, Dominique (Odley Jean) reaches an agreement with her loved ones and inquires John (Alphonso Romero Jones II) to prom, Joey Del Marco (Odessa A’zion) uncovers a second of serenity after her sexual attack, Leila (Amalia Yoo) orchestrates a bomb scare, Siddhartha (Amir Bageria) receives his approval into Harvard and functions on his own feelings for Victor (August Blanco Rosenstein), and Tim (Thelonius Serrell-Freed) shows he lied to the authorities and Luke (Brian Altemus) along with George (Anthony Ippolito) are accountable for raping Joey.

With a lot of loose threads made, we are definitely searching for further episodes. How can the college respond to Leila’s bogus bomb threat if she is exposed? Can Tim confess to the police he whined about Joey’s sexual attack? Can Dominque’s household have the ability to get back to their feet following their challenges? And certainly will Sid and Victor be in a position to appreciate each other openly?! Netflix has not renewed the show for another year yet, but we’ve got far too many queries for it to not. Your relocation, Netflix!

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