Master Chef Graham Elliot Weight Loss: Says He Would Live to See His Sons Grow Up!

graham elliot weight loss

Graham Elliot’s recent weight loss prompted people to make healthy choices, but many want to know how. The American chef, restaurateur, and reality star lost 150 pounds quickly.

Seattle was the place where chef Graham Elliot Bowles was raised. His rise to fame was aided by cooking competition shows like Iron Chef and Top Chef Master. Elliot gained notoriety after being chosen to serve as a judge on MasterChef and MasterChef Junior.

Graham Elliot asserted that despite living an affluent and seemingly idyllic life, he was in danger of experiencing serious health issues. Elliot started living a healthy lifestyle a long time ago, but little has changed since then.

The chef stated he was terrified for his life and thought that if he could lose weight, he would live to see his sons grow up. Here is Graham’s weight-loss journey.


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Graham Elliot’s Weight Loss Journey

graham elliot weight loss

Graham lost a significant amount of weight faster than the average person, who typically needs years to do it. Master Chef had a sleeve gastrectomy to get rid of his uncontrollable weight. Elliot used to weigh 400 lbs. before the procedure.

The celebrity chef understood that there was no one solution for weight loss. Elliot realized he would need to make some major lifestyle adjustments in order to guarantee a successful surgery outcome. In an effort to lose weight, he followed a strict food plan and engaged in intensive exercise.

Graham’s weight loss had a huge impact on how he thought about food. Now that he understands that food is fuel, he focuses on acquiring adequate protein. He doesn’t fuss over eating much and has a strong preference for natural, healthy foods.

The famous person uses portion control to prevent gaining weight again. His concentration on eating more fruits, veggies, and lean protein has also drastically changed his eating habits.

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He usually has salmon and chicken for dinner, along with vegetables and a salad. He no longer consumes meals high in carbohydrates, such as spaghetti, bread, beer, and sugary soft drinks. He enjoys fruit, cottage cheese, and apple slices with peanut butter as snacks.


It was a lovely feeling, according to Graham Elliot, when his son told his friends that his father was the fastest runner. Graham is carrying about 253 pounds right now. The chef, however, asserts that despite having surgery, his battle with weight reduction continued. Following the treatment, he had trouble keeping the weight off.

Elliot used to concentrate on eating candies and cookies to reduce his tension, but now he prefers wholesome food. He has learned to control his urges by convincing himself that he can either order a sweet and feel bad about it for a time, or something light and delicious like sashimi that won’t be bad for his health.

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Graham Elliot predicted that during the first year after the operation, he would lose between 60 and 70 pounds. He is content to have lost more weight than he had anticipated, though. His weight loss is making him healthier, as proven by the fact that he ran the Chicago marathon.

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