Gotham is getting ready for its final twist and turns

Gotham is getting ready for its final twist and turns

The fifth season of Fox’s Gotham is the final season according to the showrunner and the executive producers. Ending a show after having a huge fan base and impeccable star cast is a wise decision. However, some people might feel that it is unfair as the viewers didn’t get much to watch Batman in action.

The previous seasons of Gotham did bring out the evilness of the Arkham’s inmates. Moreover, what made the series a hit among the viewers is the twist and turns. The viewers did also see the best version of Oswald “The Penguin” Cobblepot after Danny DeVito’s performance in the Michael Keaton featuring Batman flick.

The unstable re-rerun of Gotham

Fox’s Gotham did not have a constant run on a single broadcasting network. However, things are going to change this time. Given that the season 5 did end during May 2019, most of the people were unaware of the fact that the fifth season was the final season.

Gotham is officially over, and the first episode starts with Harvey Bullock and Jim Gordon defending the city. Moreover, Nygma and Penguin were busy in curating different schemes to make profits and get off the island. There is one more thing that makes Gotham a lovable show to watch, the hate-love relationship between Ed-Oswal.

Gotham did end with a 100th episode

There was a significant time jump between the eleventh episode and the series finale. In 10 years, Gotham City doesn’t remember Ed Nymgma and his alias as The Riddler. But he does get released from the clutches of Arkham’s finest.

David Mazouz, who portrays the role of Bruce Wayne, gets ten years to study criminal and fight crimes. In the last episode, namely “The Beginning,” the series finale did show the TV-Series version of Batman Begins but in a few glimpses. The Dark Knight aka The Bat of Gotham finally makes his debut and reveals himself to Detective James Gordon who grows a mustache, finally. Moreover, this is where the series ends.

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