Gospel Icon Rance Allen Dies At 71 [CONDOLENCES]

Gospel Icon Rance Allen Dies At 71 [CONDOLENCES]

Gospel legend Rance Allen has passed away in 71.

Bishop Robert G. Rudolph of this Church of God In Christ (COGIC) declared the information Saturday (Oct. 31st).

He stated in a declaration:

“God, who’s omnipotent and constant, has encompassed his Servant, Bishop Rance Lee Allen, to eternal rest. Bishop Allen functioned as Prelate of their Michigan Northwest Harvest Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction. Bishop Allen has been a world-renowned famous performer and affectionately called the’Father of Contemporary Gospel Music.’ Bishop Allen’s exceptional vocal ministry has been an essential sound inside the Church of God in Christ and Christendom. His present transcended the bounds of musical genre since he remained a desired character called to play on international places.”

His cause of death hasn’t yet been made public.

The announcement continued and stated that due to COVID-19 limitations, Rance Allen’s family is going to have a private support. A public memorial will be kept once coronavirus limits are raised.

Fellow gospel legend Kirk Franklin mentally occurred on Instagram to grieve the loss and the two were working on music.


Other lovers of the music listened to social websites to discuss too.

RIP Rance Allen ? ) Pic.twitter.com/9ksqgh5A9B

— Bleenex along with Blorox Bleach ? ) (@Nictheegr8) October 31, 2020

Rest In Peace to Rance Allen pic.twitter.com/7vwZVHAbpJ

— . (@jamnacho2) October 31, 2020

Sean Connery is now gone along with Bishop Rance Allen also!? Pic.twitter.com/Y6Hp45nkoF

— Helen of Troy (@anthonyj_perry) October 31, 2020

Person…each single musician and singer influenced by him ) has been rocked at the moment. #RESTINJESUS #RanceAllen pic.twitter.com/OY5NON6NtV

— Jay Aaron (@_jay_aaron) October 31, 2020

Not RANCE Allen Chile pic.twitter.com/ASIch5AGAg

— Sham God? (@Simply_Shamaria) October 31, 2020

In himself. An angelic voice. Rest In Peace, Bishop Rance Allen. Pic.twitter.com/lPrNATZS2d

— Raekwon Latrelle? ) (@raekwon____) October 31, 2020

NOBODY including him!!!!!!!!!! #RIPRanceAllen #RanceAllen #SomethingAboutTheNameJesus pic.twitter.com/HosbdtFpAo

— E. Dewey Smith (@edeweysmith) October 31, 2020

Lord you performed Rance Allen house… pic.twitter.com/TMw48OUCYH

— J. Allen Walker, MPA (@thejallenwalker) October 31, 2020

Rance Allen????????? Among the very best to bless the microphone with his distinctive voice; Gospel music will not be the same…Set in your own? and robe ?? . 2020 is perhaps the worst season EVER! #RIPRANCEALLEN ?? Pic.twitter.com/uR8hplZmaQ

— JustAsSureAsMyNameIsWanya (@JJustITA) October 31, 2020

Sean Connery AND Rance Allen…

two legends.

Rush peacefully, gentlemen pic.twitter.com/c5VaGMI1Iw

— S H E???? (@Belle_Shelala) October 31, 2020

Condolences and prayers for Rance Allen’s family, friends, and lovers.

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