Google ranking algorithm Update July 2019 – Everything you want to know about SEO

google july 2019 ranking algorithm update

Google ranking algorithm Update July 2019

On Sunday, the search giant has announced that it will soon release a full core search algorithm update. Numerous of the updates are carried out every year. According to the sources, the new update is called the 2019 June Core Update.

Google said via a tweet that the June 2019 Core Update is live. On the other hand, Google also said that it is going to roll out numerous data centers in the forthcoming months. The search giant told via its Twitter feed that the Google Community has asked the company to increase the rate of transparency moreover of the changes.

What changes has Google brought via its new algorithm?

Some community members might ask how can they minimize the change’s impact in 2018 October. Moreover, Google also started providing a few advice for the brands which depends on the search engine optimization. According to the search giant, the companies that do not benefit much from the search engine optimization have an opportunity. These companies can now consider that they need to do something or the other to make it to the top.

Besides, the search giant is suggesting the companies utilizing SEO to putting the best content they can bring forward. Google will only reward the best and unique content that uses the algorithm.

Role of Raters for the new Google Algorithm

Google also told the users that they should consider taking stalk of the search quality guidelines. The people providing the rate are the people who will give feedback to Google regarding the new algorithm. Furthermore, these people will help Google and confirm the tech giant that the changes are up to the mark.

Nevertheless, the raters do not possess any control on the way the pages are getting ranked in the search engine. Additionally, the raters also do not possess on the data which is not utilized by Google’s cutting edge algorithm.

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