Google Play Stops Showing Notifications for Apps Having been Upgraded

Google Play Stops Showing Notifications for Apps Having Been Updated

Google Play Store has stopped displaying alarms for upgraded programs. This came to light at the conclusion of 2019 after users began noticing the Play Store has been sending notifications. Some users believed that the absence of notifications because of a temporary bug.

But it was that this is a proposed initiative and has been recently supported by Google agents, Android Police reported Tuesday. Apparently this growth has been live since November to get many users on variant 17.4 of this Play Store.

GSMArena accounts that its evaluation on variant 18.3. 13 we didn’t get any alarms after several program upgrades. This was completed through the guide upgrade course and by what it sounds the exact same is relevant for users that have auto-updates switched on, the report included.

For consumers who possess the auto-update attribute turned on, the Play Store would normally update a couple of programs that’d pending upgrades whenever you’ve plugged into an apparatus.

This notification did not serve a lot of purpose beyond the tight record, however, it was convenient to have so that you could anticipate changes of some kind, based on 9to5Google.

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