Google Play Services: Everything You Need to Know

google play services

On any Android phone, Google Play Services is one of the most crucial applications. It facilitates connectivity, offers simple tools for app developers, and enables the addition of contemporary features to older Android phones without the requirement for Android OS updates. Google Play is similarly difficult to find. It does not promote itself on your phone. When troubleshooting, that might lead to certain problems. Let’s examine what it is and how it functions.

What Exactly Is Google Play Services? What Does It Accomplish?

google play services

Between your applications and the Android operating system, there is a layer of software called Play Services. It acts as a link to assist developers in quickly producing better, more optimized, and more battery-efficient apps. Additionally, Play Services enables Google to update Android without the requirement for new features.
Here’s an illustration of how it functions.

You must receive a push notification from an app that an app developer has created. Two APIs from Play Services are available for this specific purpose. These APIs are utilized in the app by the developer. From there, without any more effort from the developer, Play Services provides push notifications whenever the app requests them.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of different APIs that assist developers in carrying out straightforward operations consistently. Play Services are likely used by navigation apps when they ask for your location. Consider it the manager of your phone, sending you notifications, providing your location to apps, and conducting background tasks to preserve battery life.

The wonderful thing about Play Services is that it enables Google to upgrade Android OS without the need to introduce new functionality to phones. All that has to be done is to update the app on your phone to implement the new API after it has been added to the Play Services library. This is how a lot of useful features are released to users each year. Of course, the drawback is that when Play Services malfunctions, fixing them can be a major hassle.

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What Is a Google Play Services Update?

It must automatically update in the background. It gets updates through the Google Play Store just like any other regular app, so it should update at the same time as all of your other Google Play apps. Here’s how to check manually, though, if you want to.

The Quick Route

Click this link while using your phone. It ought to direct you to the Google Play Store’s Play Services page.
If necessary, press the Update button.

The Accepted Method

  • Go to the Settings menu on your phone. To find Google Play Services, go to the Apps area, press All apps, and then scroll down. Tap it.
  • When you reach the App information, scroll down and click it.
  • Play Services in the Google Play Store should launch on the phone. Tap the Update button if something needs to be updated. The app will only be updated by Google Play.
  • If Play Services is not listed, click the 3-dot menu button and select Show system apps from the menu that appears.
  • The technique described above may differ slightly between devices. For instance, Samsung doesn’t wait until you choose All apps before displaying the complete list of programs.

How Can I Get Google Play Services to Download and Install?

google play services

Starting with Android 4.4, Google Play-enabled phones have the service pre-installed. If your phone arrived with the Google Play Store, you can tell if it is Google Play-enabled. Nevertheless, some people might prefer to get a specific version due to their unique requirements, therefore we’ll outline how to install Play Services below.

Determine Your Phone’s Appropriate DPI and Architecture

  • Play Services come in around a dozen different variations. You must choose the appropriate one for your phone.
  • Install this app first. It may be downloaded from APKMirror without the need for Google Play Services, thus we advise doing so.
  • After downloading the application, install it. Use this article to discover how to install third-party apps if you’re having issues.
  • Install the app and then launch it. You can determine your device’s DPI under the Device tab. Note down that number. Write down your CPU Architecture under the System tab. You’ll require them both.

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Installing Google Play Services

  • APKMirror is the most dependable source for Play Services downloads. Here is where you may access the website’s repository of Play Services. Note that there are distinct Play Services for Wear OS and Android TV.
  • Don’t download those unless you absolutely need to.
  • Choose the desired version from the list. Be sure to download the one that corresponds to the architecture and DPI from the earlier steps. The nodpi option should be appropriate if you are unable to locate your DPI.
  • The best way to set up Google Play Services
  • Similar to other standard Android apps, Play Services is distributed in APK file, and installation is the same for both.
  • You can use this guide to learn how to install apps without using the Google Play Store if you need further assistance.
  • Please be aware that improper installation, attempting to install the incorrect Play Services version, and inappropriate installation can all result in failed installations. Start at step one and repeat the instructions if your installation fails.

How Do I Turn Off and On Google Play Services?

If you want to, you can turn it off. Be advised, nevertheless, that doing so can have a detrimental impact on how your device works. We only advise using this for troubleshooting or if you want to use a Google-free option for absolutely everything.

google play services

The Best Way to Turn Off Google Play Services

  • Go to Settings and then Apps. To display a list of all available apps, select All Apps (not necessary on every phone).
  • Select Google Play Services by scrolling down.
  • Select Disable by tapping it. Before allowing you to disable it, it will send you a warning about how it would impact device performance.
  • Numerous notifications regarding various apps or services that can no longer be used until you switch Play Services back on will almost probably be received. Play Services manages a lot of background tasks, thus this is typical.

How to Activate Google Play Services Once More

Follow the identical procedures as before, but instead press the Turn On button.

How to Deactivate Google Play Services Permissions

  • To access the Play Services app page in your Settings, repeat the steps above.
  • Tap Permissions once more.
  • To revoke a permit, tap it. Select Don’t allow by tapping it.
  • Your smartphone will alert you that it might interfere with some things’ functionality. To stop, click Don’t allow anyhow.
  • Once more, we advise utilizing the aforementioned techniques solely for troubleshooting. Because Play Services is integral to Android, removing it (or its permissions) could seriously harm the functionality of your smartphone.
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