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Google Pixel 4 Features with Dual SIM Functionality rumours

google pixel 4 phone

Google Pixel 4 features

Google, the company with the largest search engine in the world is said to launch a new mobile device which is almost similar in its feature as the latest iPhones. In the last part of the year 2018, it was confirmed that the iPhones now support the use of dual-SIM which is a popular characteristic of the Android phones.


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Over the weekend, there was a comment from a Google engineer on the code in the Android Open Source Market (AOSM) which indicates that Google is working in a new Pixel smartphone and this could be called the Pixel 4 and this phone is believed to be able to have two functional dual Sims. In the last year, Google released two models of their products, that is, the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 which also features dual SIM but only one of this sims can be functional while the other is inactive.

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Features with Dual SIM Functionality

However, with the possible development that is about to come up from the latest model of the Google smartphone, the phone is going to feature two functional dual-SIM in which one if the sims can be receiving messages and calls whenever the other SIM is being used for another thing entirely. This feature of dual-SIM being an important part of necessities for some people in some part of the world and this will actually help to improve the marketability of this phone.

google pixel 4 phone

The latest feature of the iPhone which makes it distinct in reference to Android devices is the Dual Sim Dual Standby feature in which it has a simple that functions fully for data, messaging and calls and an additional SIM for calls and messages which makes it different from the androids. This feature is believed to run on the new Pixel 4 model of Google.

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