Google patents future foldable smartphone technology

Recently, Xiaomi joined the ranks of the OEMs like, Huawei and Samsung who specialize in foldable devices. Now, a new patent has revealed that Google is working on its own foldable devices.

PatentlyApple reported that Google has filed a patent that showcases the company’s interest in foldable devices. Google filed the patent with the US Patent Office. The patent is published with a title “Hinge Mechanism by Gear Set with Slider for Foldable Display Device.”

Google patents future foldable smartphone technology

This indicates, the patented device could be a foldable smartphone, tablet, or a netbook. In the patent, Google detailed out the issues with current foldable devices. Google also stated that its technology has a solution.

For an example, the patent highlights the shortcomings of conventional hinge mechanisms. Google offers a solution where a device may “include a hinge assembly having a slider mechanism and a set of gears. The slider mechanism and the set of gears operate to transfer a rotational movement into a translational movement of one of a first housing or a second housing.”

In simple words, the new hinge mechanism can transfer a rotational movement to the flexible device. This allows the device to bends without causing any damage or breakage. It will be interesting what Google does with the technology.