Google network congestion cause YouTube, Gmail down ahead of Broad Core Algorithm update on 4th June

google services down

Google network down affecting YouTube and Gmail

On Sunday, the search giant was experiencing a wide array of problems. Moreover, the havoc didn’t stay confined to the search engine; instead, it spread to YouTube, Gmail, Snapchat, and Discord. The problems had spread out to several popular apps as well as services in the eastern US.

Google soon came up with a statement to address this momentum peril. Google said that several services from the search giant were not operating due to an outbreak of network congestion. According to the company, G Suite and Google Cloud were also not working during the network congestion.

When Did Google realize that its Services are down?

In a statement, Google said that the users might have been prolonged performance or sporadic errors at 2 PM. Also, the company also said at 2 PM that they had identified the root cause of the problem. They even told the people of eastern US that they would return the services to how they were in a short time.

Before Google came up with a statement, Google Cloud told the users that it is facing issues. The revelation from Google Cloud came from 1 PM. Above all, Google also said that the Cloud Compute Engine & Cloud Networking are also going through the outrages.

At 4 PM, Google said that they have its persisting network issue has been finally resolved. Moreover, Google also said that the majority of users could finally use the services from Google. Consequently, at 5 PM Dashboard Status of Google Cloud said that all the services are finally available.

Google has no idea what has caused this mishap!

Google did not reveal how the problems have come into being. Nevertheless, Google said that more than 12 of its services are down due to this problem. Additionally, Google announced that the issue was not due to any cyber attack such as DDoS.

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