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Google Maps will allow users to set departure and arrival times for car navigation: Reports

Lately, Google Maps went through a lot of UI changes and most of them were pretty much unneeded. But past few days, developers have come up with some useful features on the navigation application, and these include speed trap cameras and speed limits while driving. Besides this, there is another cool feature in which the users can set their departure and arrival time and get an estimation of how long their route will take to reach the destination.

Though setting up departure or arrival time was available from quite some time in Google Maps on the desktop version, the mobile app was limited to public transport in terms of the feature. Finally, version 10.8.0 of Google Maps has added the feature in the smartphones as well. Users can now easily find the option under the overflow menu on the top right when you check any step-by-step directions.

With the new update of Google Maps, users can now pick any date and time in order to receive an estimated time of reach to the destination from Google. This feature will also help users to manage their schedule as the application will now suggest that at what time they should leave to arrive on time, say reports.

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If reports are to be considered, the updated version of Google Maps at present do not have options to add a reminder or notification to let you know that this is the time you should leave. Also, a user cannot become entirely dependent on the application as there can be a scenario when an unexpected jam can change the departure time drastically, and it will be impossible to keep monitoring the traffic situation.

These were some of the new features that have been recently added to the latest update of Google Maps. You can try out these features by downloading the Google Maps v.10.8.0, which is available in beta on the Play Store and on APK Mirror.

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