Google handpicked list of Best Chrome extensions of 2021

Google handpicked list of best Chrome extensions of 2021
Google handpicked list of best Chrome extensions of 2021

Google Chrome has announced the list of Best Chrome extensions of the year 2021. The list has various extensions from all sort of domains to work with.

Extensions in Browsers has proved to be the most useful tool for the people at the user end. Internet explorer first released in 1999, which was then followed by Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari and Edge.

Google handpicked list of  best Chrome extensions of 2021
Google handpicked list of Best Chrome extensions of 2021

Google Chrome came up with their own versions of extension in 2010. Google chrome was the first ever browser with an extension API (Application Programming Interface) solely based on HTML, CSS and Javascript.

All of Google’s preferred Chrome extensions from this year are listed below:

Top Chrome extensions of 2021

Starting with the extensions in Communications and Collaborations:

Loom: The extension has proved very useful for video capturing and sharing among friends and peers, really quick. Users has used this extension to make quick video calls for work. It has been useful for trouble shooting as well.

Mote: This extension has become extremely popular for sharing voice memorandums.
Google has powered the extension to be used in Google sheets, mails, spreadsheets and etc.
The quick voice note has been used extensively as people depended more in Work-FromHome.

Wordtune: The extension has made writing more easier and fun as well. This extension helps user rectify grammar. Moreover, the Artificial Intelligence based program has helped users to identify what they’re trying to say by suggesting more appropriate and wide range of words to choose from.

Extensions in Maintaining Productivity

Forest: Forest extension has proved useful for students who have a bad habit of deviating onto something while studying on the Internet. This extension helps the users to stay motivated and glued to one task, with sheer concentration.

Dark Reader: The extensive use of computer has adversely affected our eyes. Hence, a dark theme is always welcomed. Dark Reader can provide a dark theme on any website for the comfort of reading with calm eyes.

Tab Manager Plus: The Tab Manager enables users to handle several tabs at once. Work from Home has made users work on several tabs from their computer. And seeing several tabs with Tab Manager Plus has certainly made work easier.

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Recorder: The extension allows users to take screenshot and record screen video at one go and share it among other users across all platforms.

Virtual- Online Learning Extensions Kami: The extension allows teachers to spend more time with the students rather than creating the presentation. It provides interactive tools to create an exciting learning platform.

Insert Learning: This extension allows the teachers to include dialogue box for questions and discussions anywhere on the website. This promotes better teaching experience overall.

Toucan: The language learning extension which enables users to learn new languages in an exciting way. This extension translates random words on website to help users learn.

Rememberry: This extension allows users to save flash cards for learning new languages on the internet.

Functional Improvement:

Stylus: The stylus extension on google helps users to modify and customize the themes as per their choice on any website.

Rakuten: This extension enables users to search for coupons extensively over the internet.

The above-mentioned extensions have proved very useful for 2021 as the whole world felt the necessity of the internet and the devices to work from. Each and every extension has helped users to make their work easier to have a better balance with their work and life.