How to Turn Google Drive Dark Mode On?

google drive dark mode

On April 24, 2012, Google Drive debuted as a file-syncing and storage service. It is a part of the G Suite and includes 15 gigabytes of free storage. G Suite is a corporate and organization subscription service.

Google Drive’s debut, meanwhile, was not without its difficulties. The media was rather critical of it. Google Drive is accessible as a Windows, iOS, and Android app. We will address one topic in this article: how can I enable Google Drive’s dark mode?

Who Uses Google Drive?

Google Drive has over 5 billion installations and 1 billion users by 2021. These figures undoubtedly demonstrate the public’s faith in Google and its offerings.

What is Google Drive Used for?

Google provides a file storage and synchronization service called Google Drive, as was previously noted. It is among the greatest cloud storage services since it offers more file storage than you may ever need. Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive—which contain documents, spreadsheets, and much more—share the 15GB of available space.

The majority of customers find that 15 GB is more than enough, and they may upgrade their storage at no cost. The main reason Google Drive has become so popular is that it’s really productive—you can create and manage documents offline as well as on the fly.

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How to Turn on Google Drive Dark Mode for PC, iPhone, Android?

Nearly every Google app is accessible in dark mode. However, users of iOS and Android 10 are extremely fortunate to have access to the dark mode, which totally darkens all of the smartphone’s apps when activated.

However, all you need to do to access Google Drive‘s dark mode is launch the application and hit the upper-left button. After selecting options, select “theme.” You’ll see a popup screen showcasing a few basic themes, and you may choose the one you want. All you have to do to access Google Drive in dark mode is click on the “dark” theme.

However, laptop users may now also take use of dark mode’s advantages. It seems inconceivable, don’t you think? How can the desktop version of Google Drive be made dark? With the aid of the Night Browser Eye addon, it is now feasible.

Using the Night Eye extension on your laptop or PC, you can set any website to run in dark mode. Night Eye offers the answer, to whether you prefer the mood of the dark mode or wish to shield your eyes from too much strain.

Night Eye is simple to use and set up, and it offers a three-month free trial. To install it, simply click on the icon of your chosen browser from the list below.

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If you enjoy the dark mode, Night Eye is a reliable option, having earned the trust of over 200,000 users every day. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, it also helps you focus for longer periods of time by calming your eyes. Enable Google Drive’s dark mode with ease to boost productivity and safeguard your eyesight.

Google Drive Dark Mode Preview

google drive dark mode
google drive dark mode

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