Google CEO Sundar Pichai Calls for Legislation for Artificial Intelligence

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Calls for Regulation for Artificial Intelligence

Google’s chief executive named Monday for a balanced way of regulating synthetic intelligence, indicating a European audience that the technology brings advantages but also”negative effects ”

Sundar Pichai’s remarks come as lawmakers and authorities seriously think about placing limitations on how artificial intelligence can be used.

“There is not any question in my thoughts that artificial intelligence has to be controlled. The issue is how to approach that,” Pichai stated, according to a transcript of the address in a Brussel-based believe tank.

He noticed that there is an important function for authorities to perform and as the European Union and the US begin drawing their own strategies to law,”global orientation” of some eventual principles will be crucial. He didn’t offer certain proposals.

Pichai talked on exactly the identical day that he was scheduled to satisfy the EU’s strong competition ruler, Margrethe Vestager.

Vestager continues in prior years struck Silicon Valley giant using multibillion-dollar penalties for allegedly abusing its market dominance to fend off contest. Following being reappointed for another term last fall with enlarged powers over electronic technologies coverages, Vestager has set her sights artificial intelligence, and is now drawing up principles on its own ethical usage.

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Pichai’s remarks suggest the firm could be expecting to go to a broad-based crackdown from the EU about the tech. Vestager and the EU are the one of the more competitive regulators of major tech companies, a strategy US governments have chosen up with investigations to the dominance of companies such as google, Facebook and Amazon.

“pragmatic regulation should also have a pragmatic approach, balancing possible injuries with social chances,” he explained, adding it might incorporate current criteria like Europe’s demanding General Data Protection Legislation instead of beginning from scratch.

Though it promises big advantages, he raised concerns regarding possible pitfalls of artificial intelligence, mentioning one case its own function in facial recognition technologies, which may be employed to locate missing individuals but also for”nefarious motives” he did not specify.

In 2018, Google vowed to not use AI in software linked to weaponssurveillance which violates international standards, which functions in a way that go against human rights.

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