Google algorithm update hits DailyMail, Vimeo and with a average drop of 50% search traffic

google june algorithm update hit dailymail, vimeo,

Google June algorithm update 2019

Google told the publishers that a subtle change was coming to its Google Search Engine Optimization Analytics. According to Google, the publishers were previously told that the analytics would see a significant difference in Google SEO analytics. Nevertheless, Google said to the sites that the change was not that huge. Moreover, any change in the algorithm would affect the websites which rely on accurate search results.

The Daily Mail is suffering from severe traffic drop.

According to the new algorithm, some of the major publishers around the world have been inflicted with massive traffic hit. The most notable publisher who has been affected by this change is Daily Mail. According to UK’s Daily Mail, the site has already lost 50% of the daily search traffic.

The new algorithm came into being this week on Monday. Moreover, the Search Engine Optimization director of Daily Mail took the help of Google to report this massive traffic drop. So far, Daily Mail had lost 50% of the daily traffic search for the update. The SEO director of Daily Mail told the search giant the site saw a significant drop with its traffic. Later, the Search Engine Optimization director also said that the traffic was down to 90% more.

Vimeo & traffic is also down.

According to sources, some other sites are also down in the past few days. Search Engine Land came out with a new report suggests that many places across all over the internet saw a massive drop in terms of search visibility. Daily Mail was put alongside Vimeo and on the list of losers by Systrix.

The rollout of the update is still strong. Moreover, these findings are still at a preliminary stage. Currently, even Google has no answers related to significant website’s loss in traffic. Now, the only thing sites are keeping stalk on Google and its SEO algorithm update. It is highly unclear what Google will do to increase the traffic of the websites.

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