#GoodNewsOfTheDay: Punjab’s Gurudwara is winning hearts by providing food to Madarsa students during lockdown

After India lockdown, 40 students from Punjab’s Madarsa were stuck, and couldn’t go back to their home. Read below to find out how this gurudwara helped them by feeding them daily.

The coronavirus cases are not only rising across the globe, but it is also on the rise in India. India so far has 2300 positive cases, and to combat this pandemic, the Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi announced a 21-day lockdown across the country. And because of this lockdown, many are struggling to get access to necessities or are stuck at a place where help is far away. However, some organisations are going out of their way to help people in trouble by giving them food and shelter to stay. Some individuals are also doing their bit to help people in dire need.


Now to help people in these difficult times, gurdwara Haa Da Naara Sahib in Malerkotla, Punjab took the onus to feed students of a nearby Madarsa who were stuck here after the lockdown. A report in Quint stated that soon after the lockdown was imposed, the Madrasa kids were sent back to their homes, but 40 students hailing from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh were left behind. And talking about those 40 kids, Bhai Narinder Pal Singh, Head Granthi of the Haa Da Naara Sahib gurdwara told Quint that he could not see the situation of kids going hungry because of the crisis. Hence, they took it upon themselves to feed these kids.

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The Maulvi in-charge of this Madarsa expressed his gratitude to the gurdwara and speaking to The Tribune he said that because of the curfew, the trains were cancelled and hence they couldn’t make the required arrangements to send the kids back. But they are thankful to the gurdwara committee for taking care of it.


The in-charge of the gurdwara, Kuldeep Singh informed Quint that the gurdwara is feeding 800 people in the morning and 700 people in the evening. Not only this, but the gurdwara is also serving langar to around 1,000 needy and poor people every day. The sewadars, with the help of local women, have been preparing langar for the residents every day.

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