Good On Paper ending explained – Did Andrea and Dennis Break Up?

Good on Paper ending explained
Good on Paper ending explained

Directed by Kimmy Gatewood, Good on Paper is a romantic comedy movie that stars Illiza Shlesinger in the leading role. It centers on Andrea, a frustrated stand-up comedian whose life changes with an introduction of a certain man. What seems like fantasy-like love for her at first becomes her nightmare.

On the recommendation of her friend, Margot, she tries to loosen up and ends up falling in love with Dennis. However, things aren’t as convenient as they look. Andrea’s life takes a different turn after meeting with Dennis and it ends up in the most unexpected scenario for her.

So what happened in the last moments of Good On Paper? Let us find out as we discuss the Good On Paper ending explained.

God on Paper ending explained

Who is Andrea?

Andrea is a stand-up comedian and we see her first in an audition where she gets dejected by judges. After the audition, she meets Margot at the bar and she suggests lose her frustration and find someone in her life. Andrea takes up on her idea and decides to look for someone that can help her cause.

Meeting Dennis

She meets Dennis, a seemingly perfect man who possesses almost every trait a charming guy could have. He is rich, funny, and smart and Andrea opens up with him. Their relationship keeps on getting better with each encounter. However, Andrea isn’t sure about where it is headed. She doesn’t have any physical connection with him.

One night after getting drunk, she finally makes physical contact with Dennis. This progression culminates from feeling for Dennis’s situation as well as her understanding of their relationship. They kiss and Andrea decides to take a further step ahead of their friendship. But just as things are about to become romantic between the couple, something scratches her head.

What is Dennis’s Identity?

Andrea starts to see some holes in their personality of Dennis. His story doesn’t add up and she begins to see the lies developing. She even finds that Dennis is living in a dorm with female roommates. To spill the beans out of Dennis’s mouth, she along with Margot devise a plan.

Good on Paper ending explained – What was the plan?

Good On Paper ending explained – What was the Plan?

The plan was to get Dennis drunk and have him spill the truth about his real persona. They tie him up to the chair however, end up injuring him. Drunk Dennis tells Andrea everything about him. He’s not some rich guy but a low-positioned employee in the bank. Andrea of course after finding outbreaks up with him. But the troubles don’t end for her.

Where did Dennis Go?

Dennis went to court against Andrea because she injured and kidnapped him. She gets a restraining order but doesn’t show any sort of regret. Andrea does admit her mistake of abducting Dennis but also tells him how bad of a person he is.

Dennis disappears and later we learn from her roommate that he has left everything in his dorm room. Furthermore, she has no idea about Dennis’s location. Since Andrea used his picture on the hoarding and labeled him as a liar, he can’t possibly live with the same face. As a manipulative actor, Dennis may change appearance and cross paths with Andrea sometime in the future.

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