Gold Roger Didn’t Have Devil Fruit! Kaido Confirms in Latest One Piece Spoilers

Gold Roger Didn't Have Devil Fruit!
Gold Roger Didn't Have Devil Fruit!

In the latest spoilers and leaks of One Piece, we have just discovered a pretty vital piece of information related to the former Pirate King Gold Roger. According to Kaido, Roger wasn’t a devil fruit user and this has just destroyed many theories that fans have been building around for a while.

This opens the door for many discussions and what exactly it means to be non-devil fruit users in the world of Pirates. Why even after not having devil fruit was Roger able to dominate Grand Line? Let’s discuss what Kaido meant when he revealed Roger’s Secret.

Gold Roger Didn't Have Devil Fruit!
Gold Roger Didn’t Have Devil Fruit!

Gold Roger Didn’t Have Devil Fruit – Kaido Confirms

In One Piece chapter 1047 leaks, while confronting Luffy for his weird attacks, Kaido told him that extraordinary devil fruit powers don’t mean much in the world of pirates. You don’t necessarily need the power of the devil fruit to dominate.

He gives him the example of Gold Roger who conquered the entire Grand Line without even possessing the ability of a fruit. To him, the devil fruits don’t hold much significance. That’s why, even if Luffy comes up with some extraordinary attacks using his newfound powers, it won’t do much damage to him.

Kaido also highlights that it’s Haki that stands supreme amongst all the powers. If you have a good command over haki, you can do wonders. Kaido has probably had encounters with people possessing exquisite devil fruits but not mastery of haki.

Gold Roger Didn't Have Devil Fruit!
Gold Roger Didn’t Have Devil Fruit!

Importance of Haki in One Piece

In the first half of One Piece, before time skipped, the concept of Haki wasn’t explored much. We knew about haki but its types and how exactly it is used weren’t known. After the time skip, Oda started exploring all three forms of Haki and their importance became quite vital to the series.

With haki, the nondevil fruit users now got the ability to combat the devil fruit users. Especially Logia class who were considered to be untouchables, the introduction of haki has ensured that they don’t remain invincible.

Kaido’s words carry huge significance as some of the major figures of the world don’t possess the ability of the devil fruit. Furthermore, we’ve seen some users with extravagant devil fruit (Enel for instance) unable to use haki and hence failing to capitalism on the power of fruit.

Who Are Prominent Non-Devil Fruit Users?

Roger is the first name that pops into everyone’s mind whenever a nondevil fruit user comes into the picture. Apart from him, we’ve seen some other figures who have demonstrated magnificent power without possessing devil fruit.

The first name that comes to mind is Shanks who is one of the four emperors of the sea. After him, Monkey D. Garp is yet another character who has shown immense strength. Silvers Rayleigh and Mihawk are also among the people who are pretty strong without the power of devil fruit.

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