Gojo Satoru’s Domain Expansion: Unlimited Or Infinite Void – Everything You Need to Know

Gojo Satoru is one of the coolest characters of Jujutsu Kaisen. Sensei to Yuji Itadori, Satoru has become a fan-favorite character of the series. He is extremely powerful to the point that you can call him overpowered. He is highly charismatic and possesses some extraordinary techniques.

Gojo has various techniques in his arsenal but his primary one is the Unlimited or Infinite Void technique. It is his domain expansion technique and is capable of causing serious injuries to the opponent.

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Today we are going to look into this powerful asset of Gojo and dissect what makes it highly dangerous. Read below to know everything about Unlimited Or Infinite Void: Domain Expansion.

Gojo Satoru’s Domain Expansion: Unlimited Or Infinite Void
Gojo Satoru’s Domain Expansion: Unlimited Or Infinite Void

What is the Infinite Void: Domain Expansion?

Since this falls under the category of Domain Expansion, the technique is capable of manipulating space and surroundings. In Gojo’s case, the technique allows him to trap his target in an empty space. It is said that the target directly gets transported to the very center of the universe.

When in the space, the target feels a sense of paralyzation. The mind gets filled with so much information that a person becomes incapable of processing anything. The knowledge is constantly fed to the trapped person and his vitality gets slowly consumed.

Gojo Satoru’s Infinite Void
Gojo Satoru’s Infinite Void

How Longer Can One Survive in Infinite Void?

This is an extremely powerful technique and strikes the mind of the opponent directly. While sorcerers have a good chance of surviving for an extended time, the humans on the other hand are absolutely helpless against it.

In the series, it gets implied that if a human gets inside the domain for a mere amount of 0.2 seconds, he will need 2 months of rehabilitation.

How Longer Can One Survive in Infinite Void?
How Longer Can One Survive in Infinite Void?

What Does Target Feel When Trapped in Space?

It’s kind of difficult to explain but it’s the same feeling as getting paralyzed. Since a lot of information is directly transplanted into the mind, the person feels like he knows everything but at the same time knows nothing. It is sort of like pushing and repelling of information which ultimately results in the defeat of that person.

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What are Other Techniques Used By Gojo Satoru?

While Gojo uses Unlimited Void as his primary technique, there are some other powerful techniques that he has shown in the series. Here are some of them.


Limitless is a surface ability of Gojo Satoru. He directly inherited this from his clan. This ability allows him to control and manipulate the space at a very finite level. Within Limitless, Gojo uses 4 of its subtypes with 3 standard ones and 1 non-standard.

Gojo Satoru’s Domain Expansion: Unlimited Or Infinite Void
Gojo Satoru’s Domain Expansion: Unlimited Or Infinite Void

Six Eyes

Regarding Six Eyes, there is still a lack of information in the manga. However, speculations suggest that the Limitless and Six Eyes work together with each other. To be precise, Six Eyes finds its application in making Limitless ability even more accurate.

Gojo is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Do you think if anybody in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe can actually defeat him? What else does Gojo have in his baggage of techniques?

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