Goa bans cows and eggs import from neighboring countries because of bird flu cases

Goa bans chickens and eggs import from neighbouring states due to bird flu cases

Goa has prohibited the import of chickens and eggs in neighboring states because of bird flu cases. Keep reading to learn more.

The state authorities of Goa has prohibited the import of poultry and poultry products, such as eggs and cows, from different countries. The decision has been taken after it had been allegedly confirmed that a few southern country areas listed Avian Influenza (H5N1) in cows. As per a report by Time of Indiaan order issued by the division of animal husbandry and veternary Services said that flu has been found in cows in Kerala, especially in Southern Kodryathur and Kozhikode, also Mysore.

Chief Minister of Goa, Dr. Pramod Sawant, took the decision to prohibit the import of poultry following the neighboring states reported that these circumstances. “I appeal to people my country to refrain from consumption of poultry in the aftermath of Bird flu cases reported from other States,” Free Press journal quoted Sawant as stating. The Goa Poultry Farmers Association (AGPFA) has asked the state authorities to reverse the ban. AGPFA President said they have made the requirement since there is less production of those goods in the nation, Herald documented.

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He said that the poultry businesses in Goa are affected due to the false rumours which Coronavirus can distribute via consumption of poultry products. This misinformation has really taken a toll on the requirement and the selling of those products have abruptly dropped. He said that only when the folks got over the bogus news and began consume chicken , the businesses have endured another sellback on account of the information about Avian flu. The institution’s president also said that because the country boundaries are closed, the farmers aren’t able to find feed to their birds that are now hungry and perishing.¬†¬†

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