GM files lawsuit against Ford for using the term ‘BlueCruise’

GM files lawsuit against Ford for using the term ‘BlueCruise’
GM files lawsuit against Ford for using the term ‘BlueCruise’

According to the latest news, General Motors has filed a lawsuit to prevent Ford from using the name “BlueCruise” for the hands free driving feature it announced a couple of months ago. The story was first published by Detroit Free Press. According to the report, GM claims the name is too close to its own hands-free driving technology introduced in 2017, Super Cruise. GM has sued Ford for trademark infringement and unspecified damages by filing a lawsuit on Friday.

GM said the companies had been involved in “protracted discussions” over the name but were unable to resolve the matter. GM alleges “Ford knew exactly what it was doing” and added that if Ford “wanted to adopt a new, unique brand, it easily could have done so without using the word ‘Cruise.”

Back in April, Ford announced BlueCruise as the name for its hands-free driver assist system and said the company will push the feature via an over the air software update to select vehicles later this year.

GM told Free Press that it prefers to resolve the situation amicably but was “left with no choice but to vigorously defend our brands and protect the equity our products and technology have earned over several years in the market.”

In a statement emailed to The Verge, a Ford spokesperson called GM’s Cruise claim “meritless and frivolous”. He said cruise control is a well known term and “Every automaker offers it”. It is true that many other automakers uses the word “cruise” to describe their hands free driving features like Hyundai’s Smart Cruise Control and BMW’s Active Cruise Control.

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