Girls are told that the way they look is more significant than what they must state

Women are told the way they look is more important than what they have to say

Keira Knightley considers girls are told by society that”precisely the way that they look is more significant than what they must state”.

Keira Knightley

The 35-year old celebrity listed sex and modelling work since the sole two career paths by which a”lady can earn over a guy”, since she stated that the jobs favor physical look over intellect, and so reinforce sexual stereotypes.

Talking about her forthcoming beauty pageant movie’Misbehaviour’, she explained:”I read the script and that I obviously completely agreed with all the second-wave feminists [protesting] and I’ve made all my money for a version [for Chanel]. I proceed on red rugs where you are given marks from 10 and you’ve got cameras up and down the entire body. I believe that is the sophistication of being a girl in today’s age.

“However the No. 1 profession on the planet – the only single – in which a girl could earn over a guy is modelling. Or prostitution. That says what it should convey to young ladies.

“[It’s a big indicator] of this world we live at, [it tells women] that the manner in which you look is more significant than that which you need to say or what you believe.”

But Keira – that has Edie, five and Delilah, 13 weeks, together with spouse James Righton – enjoys her profession as a performer, since she can inform”two sides” of tales like the one told in’Misbehaviour’.

She included into Stellar magazine:”It states that this is ****** dreadful, I am completely against that and also this objectification is dreadful, and it will give me chance. I suddenly become observable in a universe where I am invisible, which has merit and that’s worth, and that I could get a better life later. It is what we’re all still grappling with.”

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