Gia Giudice on ‘Rhonj’: Zio Joe Can ‘do Better’ After Melissa Gorga’s Infidelity Rumors Surface!

Gia Giudice on 'Rhonj': Zio Joe Can 'do Better' After Melissa Gorga's Infidelity Rumors Surface!

Melissa and Joe Gorga have concluded their involvement with family drama.

On Tuesday night’s season 13 finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, chaos erupted at Dolores Catania’s prohibition-themed party after Danielle Cabral addressed allegations of Melissa’s infidelity.

Joe and Melissa were both unsurprised by the discovery.

“I have already heard this tale; do you wish to know how? Through my spouse, Melissa explained to Danielle. Want to know how I heard it through my husband? Because his sister discreetly invited him to her home and told him this story behind my back without my knowledge.”

Melissa then provided additional context in a confessional: “Six months ago, Teresa summoned Joe with Louie Ruelas because she heard a rumor about me and believes it so strongly that she had to contact her brother. How dare you suggest that I would be unfaithful to my spouse!

“You assert this based on an unfounded rumor about a woman who wishes to harm Margaret, with no supporting evidence. No anything. Did she believe he was simply going to load up and leave?” Melissa resumed. Like what the f— are you doing?

Gia Giudice on 'Rhonj': Zio Joe Can 'do Better' After Melissa Gorga's Infidelity Rumors Surface!

In a subsequent confession, Joe delivered a bombshell regarding the interfamily relationships. He asserted that Teresa and Louie informed him that Melissa had cheated with “multiple men,” and that a few days later, his niece Gia Giudice told him, “We just think you can do better.”

In her confession, Melissa revealed, “I had no intention of confronting Teresa about this.” “Joe doesn’t believe it. This is nonsense. And watch what transpires as a result of my desire to give her a tranquil six months leading up to her wedding. She has her henchman make me appear bad in front of everyone so that they can all hear, “Melissa is a cheater.” And I’m done.”

Melissa also disclosed to Danielle that Teresa has falsely labeled her in the past, stating that she has been called a “stripper” and accused of “doing things in parking lots,” but she and Joe have “let [Teresa’s] words go.”

“My sister-in-law is pretty messed up, wouldn’t you say?” Melissa spat.

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In the meantime, Danielle attempted to defend herself by bringing up the fact that Margaret Josephs’s ex-friend Laura allegedly began circulating the rumor in the first place. Margaret, however, entered the fight after learning that Danielle had mentioned her.

“You’re not a messenger, you’re an s—-starter!” she shouted at Danielle as the two women continued to hurl vicious insults at one another.

Melissa interjected, referring to Teresa and Louie, “You guys are such losers.” “You’re a loser!”

“Excuse me?” Melissa responded to Teresa’s question, “Yes, you called my husband to your house to inform him that I was in a car with a man!”

“Wow. Wow. “Wow!” exclaimed Teresa. “Look at you.”

“Look at you!” screamed Melissa.

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Gia Giudice on 'Rhonj': Zio Joe Can 'do Better' After Melissa Gorga's Infidelity Rumors Surface!

Meanwhile, Dolores observed from a distance as the situation grew more fraught. “I’ve been around enough battles in my life to recognize when a situation is about to escalate. This is awful, she confessed in a confessional.

Melissa followed Teresa and cornered her as she attempted to escape. “You called my husband!” she insisted, prompting Teresa to exclaim, “Get off of me!”

In a subsequent confessional, Teresa corrected the record. “To begin with, it was not his sibling. It was Louie who said, “I’d like to inform your brother that all of this is coming from Margaret so that he can get in front of it,” so that your brother could be prepared. So, he was watching out for my brother, and I never told anyone about it,” she said.

In a confessional, Joe also told his side of the story. “Louie has contacted me. What are you undertaking? I must immediately see you. It is of vital importance. Therefore, I visit her residence, where Louie informs me, “We heard Melissa cheated on you.”‘ I exclaimed, ‘Guys, you’ve got the incorrect girl!'” he recalled.

Even Margaret acknowledged that she believed this cheating rumor could not have spread without Teresa’s assistance, despite what Teresa and Louie claimed.

Jennifer [Aydin] and Danielle would not engage in any activity behind Teresa’s back. I believe that Teresa anticipated the outcome. I believe that Teresa appears very anxious. Margaret asserted that this was the reason she was late tonight.

In actuality, Margaret was not wholly incorrect. Teresa confessed in a confessional that Jennifer Aydin told her she spread the rumor to Danielle in Ireland, despite Jennifer’s promise not to tell anyone.

“I told them not to say it,” Teresa explained, shrugging. However, I’m unable to instruct others.

Back at the party, the spouses became involved as Nate Cabral attempted to calm Louie down after he got in Melissa’s face, prompting John Fuda to restrain Joe.

Joe said of Louie’s behavior, “Don’t get in her face; you’re as angry as the devil.” Who converses with women in such a manner?

Teresa expressed her distress despite her assertion that she had little to do with the allegation. She said to Jennifer, “Somehow, the finger is always pointing at me.”

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Gia Giudice on 'Rhonj': Zio Joe Can 'do Better' After Melissa Gorga's Infidelity Rumors Surface!

Melissa was on her way to Teresa’s house the morning following the party when Dolores called her to inquire whether she and Joe still intended to attend the nuptials.

“How can I go celebrate someone else’s marriage when they are constantly attempting to destroy mine?” Melissa said. “I don’t need to deal with toxic people who wish to bring me down, even if they come in the form of your family.”

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Dolores responded gently that if Melissa and Joe do not attend the ceremony, they should know that “it’s over, over.”

Melissa, however, was unfazed. She replied, “It’s concluded.”

Eventually, Dolores hung up with Melissa and arrived at Teresa’s home for a recap of the evening with Teresa, Louie, and Jennifer Aydin. In the midst of the conversation, Louie began bragging about hiring his best friend, a private investigator, to collect information on “everyone in the group.”

Despite the fact that this admittedly perplexed Dolores, Teresa insisted privately that she had no additional information and concluded publicly that she was “so done.”

Melissa has been attempting to accomplish this for more than ten years. She told cameras that her sister-in-law has always desired to separate me from my sibling. She received her desire.

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