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Get to now Sony PS4’s Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Sony PS4’s Monster Hunter World

Sony Play Station 4

By the looks of it, the Iceborne expansion of Monster Hunter World is quite some time away. Nevertheless, Sony Interactive Entertainment, as well as PS4 network, did share the exciting revelation of the forthcoming game. There is a highly likely chance that the players of the Sony Playstation 4 will test the new expansion series.

The approximate test time of Iceborne

On the other hand, the players got into testing the game back in June 2019. The subscribers of the PlayStation Plus Series are going to have the upper hand here. The recent revelation from Sony suggests that these subscribers were able to test the game from 21 to 24 June. Moreover, this was the time Sony gave the subscribers the very first beta of the game.

Later, Sony did decide to cut some slack and told the non Plus members to try the game out. By the looks of it, the second beta period began from 28 June to 1 July. Most of the players might have taken part in the beta test. Moreover, the players who didn’t, they need to wait for the release of the game.

Capcom came out with a new trailer for Iceborne

The new trailer of Iceborne features a couple of monsters who are going on a hunt. The further expansion is all set to introduce a couple of new monsters, who are going to be subspecies. According to the developer, with further expansion, the difficulty level increases significantly.

Iceborne expansion is set up in Hoarfrost Reach. Judging by the trailer Hoarfrost Reach is an arctic region. It also gathers a new hub boasting significant improvements over the ones which are seen in the fundamental part of the game.

In the new expansion pack, the gamers are free to decorate the rooms as they see fit. There is also a highly likely chance that the latest update would aid other players to visit the room.

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