Get to Know’Freaky’ Star Misha Osherovich with These 10 Interesting Fact!


The brand new horror-comedy movie Freaky is hitting theaters on Friday (November 13) and we caught up with a few of those celebrities, Misha Osherovich, to find out several things that lovers probably do not understand about these.

You may realize Misha in the recurring part in the AMC show NOS4A2 or by the film The Goldfinch. In Freaky, Misha performs with the best friend of a young woman in high school that swaps bodies with a deranged serial killer and finds she’s less than 24 hours prior to the change becomes irreversible.

Misha, that explains as non-binary, is dedicated to utilizing their stage to enhance LGBTQIA+ listeners and demystify human body image and emotional health, particularly inside the queer community.

Listed below are 10 Interesting Fact around Misha:

I am so unbelievably vegan. I think people can make a dent in conserving the planet if we proceed plant-based. :-RRB- I am sober. Cutting substances from my entire life was huge because of my psychological wellbeing, and I am very happy I did it now. Gave me a whole lot of clarity about the way I wish to live my own entire life. RE: the dessert item I will create the formulaic vegan fermented veggie you have ever believed. Try me. I recognize as non-binary, also that I utilize they/them pronouns. This is not so much a key or”interesting fact” — however I am a big believer in creating your favorite pronouns understood so people become accustomed to mistreating them. I am first production Russian-American, my parents immigrated into the US at the 60s. I speak Russian in the home along with my fam.

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My title really means”baby bear” or even the Russian equivalent of”teddy bear” from Russian. Like, I’d a Misha-bear rising up. He was gloomy. I play the piano, so my parents insisted me classically trained because I had been four-years-old. I am able to tongue-pop SO loud. I have actually bruised a person’s eardrum doing this. (The only skill I have that remotely relates to haul ) My very first professional acting gigs were summertime Shakespeare festivals — yes I dressed in ruffled collars and tights. So much insect spray. I dig travel — I hurried off to Thailand a year in my and it had been among the greatest experiences of existence.

Freaky reaches theatres on Friday, November 13!

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