Get to Know Josie Totah From Saved By the Bell

You are going to visit Josie Totah as Lexi, the hottest girl in school, about the highly expected Saved by the Bell reboot. Among many privileged pupils, Lexi is known as a queen bee with her peers, and that she always seems to find himself in the center of all of the action. While Josie is not as worried as the character she plays, she’s certainly admired up to IRL, or even more so.

After performing a lot of her sin, Josie came out as transgender at a 2018 Timing post she composed herself. Along with becoming an advocate for your LGBTQ+ neighborhood, she has had a fairly remarkable career and will take her fame into another level. Listed below are just five impressive truth about the youthful celebrity before you visit her Saved By the Bell.

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