Get ready for tide of evictions as lease comes due, Ontario NDP cautions


TORONTO — As leasing cheques occur due, many are warning signs that Ontarians must prepare for a wave of evictions today that protections set in place earlier at the COVID-19 pandemic happen to be raised.

The Opposition New Democrats state that since the provincial state of emergency has now finished, evictions can return up again now.

The NDP also states recently passed laws, Bill 184, makes it much easier for landlords to evict tenants who fall behind to a repayment program.

The governing Progressive Conservatives have stated the bill can help, not hurt, tenants.

A spokeswoman for its premier states that the bill”strengthens to landlords the requirement of investigating repayment arrangements and keeping tenancies — instead of fretting about evictions.”

Ivana Yelich says eviction orders heading out today are largely ones which were pending prior to the pandemic started.

This report from The Canadian Press was published Aug. 1, 2020.

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