Gerard Pique and his attachment to Barcelona

Gerard Pique and his attachment to Barcelona

The Barcelona and World Cup-winning defender Gerard Pique has built a lasting relationship at the club with an attitude of a leader.

Gerard Pique has certainly been one of the best defenders in the last decade in Spain. He partnered with Carlos Puyol to win several trophies with both Spain and Barcelona.

Later, after Carlos Puyol retired from football, Gerard Pique took carried the torch of leading the Barcelona defence from the back. During El Classicos in the last decade, his competition against Cristiano Ronaldo has certainly been high on spirit.

And his statements at several times created problems as well. So, let’s see how Pique has evolved to become an ideal defender in Spain.

Gerard Pique evolving at Barcelona

The Spanish defender has joined Barcelona at a very young age. Right from the grassroot level, he has learnt playing football at Barcelona.

Right from 1999 to 2004, Pique has played in Barcelona’s academy and in their every youth team at La Masia. In 2004, Barcelona sold him to Manchester United from Barca B instead of promoting him to the senior team so early.

Pique played at Man Utd from 2004 to 2006, and then returned to Spain on loan at Real Zaragoza for a season in 2007. He then again returned back to Man United to play for another season before coming back to his home club in 2008.

Pique has won the UEFA Champions League with Man United in 2008 and again in 2009 with Barcelona.

The Senior members dominate Barcelona

Gerard Pique has certainly grown himself in Barcelona’s defence since 2008. And the players who remained in the club since then have turned into a clan of senior members.

Players like Lionel Messi, Sergio Busquets, Jordi Alba remains active members of the team that ruled Spanish football last decade.

Gerard Pique has even involved himself in several cases where he took a major role in criticizing the management. He has opened up himself to speak about mismanagement under former President Josep Bartomeu.

In recent days, he was certainly seen arguing with Antoine Griezmann during a match. Several players consider him as a ‘Police’ in the Barcelona team, who wants to control everything everywhere.

Pique even went out to Ronald Koeman to suggest tactics midway during matches.

How can Barcelona plan to replace Gerard Pique

Barcelona fans have started comparing his career path with Eric Garcia. He has recently returned to Barcelona from Man City.

Like Pique, Eric Garcia evolved in La Masia. Although Barcelona sold him to Man City even before graduating from the club.

Gerard Pique has admitted that current defenders Ronald Araujo and Oscar Mingueza can become a great defensive duo for Barcelona in the years to come.

The 34 years old Pique knows that his time will certainly be over soon at Barcelona. Hence, he has tried to involve himself in Barcelona’s management to help the team with his experience. And will certainly take up a major role to improve Barcelona’s quality in world football.