Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones Crowd-Surfs Throughout Trump Rally

Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones Crowd-Surfs During Trump Rally

President Trump‘s Calling a red Tide on Election Day, However one of his Agendas Seemed like a Possible Tide of COVID Instances when a Georgia politician Handled it like a mosh pit.

Georgia state Rep. Vernon Jones crowd-surfed Friday through Trump’s rally in Middle Georgia Regional Airport at Macon. Pre-pandemic we would say this looks like enormous fun, particularly for a political occasion — but that merely ai not the fact.

Jones, or even anybody else from the audience for that thing, did not appear overly concerned about possible COVID-19 disperse… plenty of people put their hands on him and nobody, in photographs at least, had been sporting a face covering.

Jones, a Democrat who is endorsed Trump, gave a pep talk to the audience before diving right into it. The President, that will not state when he tested negative to the virus, but didn’t follow suit.

A not-so-small prefer for everybody there.

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