George Clooney claims He Practically Starred in’The Notebook’ With Paul Newman

George Clooney Says He Almost Starred in ‘The Notebook’ With Paul Newman

Ryan Gosling and James Garner were ideal as Noah Calhoun at The Notebook, although it ends up the iconic picture could have starred George Clooney and Paul Newman rather than

Through a meeting by Deadline, George demonstrated he and Paul had approached the job together in order that they’d work together in a sense.

“We’re planning to do The Laptop collectively,” he shared. “Fundamentally, I was planning to play with him as a young guy, also it was amusing. We all met and explained,’That is it. It is going to be fantastic. ”’

However, it never was later George understood he did not seem anything like a younger Paul.

“He is among the handsomest men you have ever seen. We fulfilled [again] and I said,’I can not play with you. I do not look anything like you. This is crazy,”’ George added. “We simply wanted to get it done since we wanted to operate collectively, [but] it was not the ideal thing for everybody to perform.”

Paul expired in 2008 following a lengthy struggle with cancer.

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