Best 5 Games That Are Just as Fun as

games like slither io

Similar to the original Snake game for Nokia phones, has a snake that must keep eating in order to enlarge without colliding with itself. What makes even more intriguing, though, is that it supports multiplayer.

You will lose control of your snake in if it collides with another snake controlled by another player. In, a single game may have hundreds of people.

5 games like

Featuring more than 100,000,000 downloads, is arguably the most popular game aside from In the strategy game, players must eat tiny dots and other players smaller than them in order to keep expanding.

As a unique game with an infinite variety of strategies, is sure to occupy players for hours. You may play the game on your Android, iOS, or Web device.

Players in, an almost-identical clone of, take control of a worm and must eat both larger and smaller worms in order to progress. If you’re looking for a more participatory experience, also has a chat option.

Despite its similarities to, this game is included on the list due to its improved gameplay and additional features, such as the ability to speed up, expel mass, and zoom out of the map. You may play on your Android, iOS, or Web device. 2

games like slither io

The goal of 2, like the original, is to cover more ground than your opponents. The goal of this game is to cover as much ground as possible by controlling blocks on a map.

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Unfortunately, you’ll have to start all over from the very beginning if your opponent manages to block your path. Anyone with an Android, iOS, or Web browser may play 2.

In, an amalgam of Battle Royale and IO games, players take a bird’s-eye view of the action, much as in multiplayer online battle arenas. In addition to the standard solo, pair, and squad modes, there are a number of unique game types to choose from, such as zombie, 50v50, superpower, and crystal clash.

Players may personalize their avatars with over a thousand distinct in-game cosmetic items on Anyone with an Android, iOS, or web browser may play the game.

Voodoo created the physics-based puzzle game Playing as a black hole bent on devouring Earth is the goal of this game. Even while the premise isn’t exactly the same as, the insatiable want to devour anything in sight will give you the willies.

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To see who can build the largest hole in comparison to the snake in, gamers gather at Only users with an iOS or Android device may access

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