Gab.Com Android App: What Is It, How Does It Works? Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

Gab.Com Android App

Therefore, this week has been a major one for the free expression social media area. Parler’s service was put on permanent hiatus when Google Play, the app store, and even Amazon AWS removed Parler from its networks. Gab is one of the Parler substitutes that people are seeking.

Learn how to download and install the Gab Social Media app on Android and iOS in this article.

Gab: A different word for Parler

The official Amazon Web Services or AWS Trust and Safety has apparently informed Parler’s current CEO John Matza that they will stop hosting this specific social media site.

Following this removal, Matze informed its own Parler users that the app would be unavailable for around a week and even indicated that it would “rebuild from scratch.”

Matze continued by saying that this was a specific organized campaign carried out by IT giants in order to eliminate its rivals in the current market. The app was “too successful too fast,” he continued. As a result of Parler’s closure, some of its members have apparently begun using Gab, another social media site.

What Is Gab?

Gab.Com Android App

Similar to Parler, which was launched in 2016, Gab prides itself on being a particular “free speech” website with few if any censorship restrictions. Gab apparently has features and a user interface with Twitter, another well-known social media program.

Despite claiming to operate its website on its own servers, Gab has acknowledged experiencing issues managing the site’s constantly rising traffic. A certain Andrew Torba is credited with creating the website.

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Why Did so Many People Start Using Gab?

Even while gab has been functional since 2017, many users began switching to it in 2021 when Amazon AWS ceased hosting for Parler, which was down for maintenance.

Now that better Parler alternatives are available, many Parler users are switching over, and gab is one of the leading contenders.

Do Parler users plan to join Gab?

Gab.Com Android App

Following the recent closure of Parler, this particular social networking site has recently seen a substantial increase in both new users and visits. The site currently has a staggering 500,000+ new users and 18 million visits, Gab tweeted to its 223,000 Twitter followers.

It was also mentioned that using the website does not require creating an account. According to research by ZeroHedge, since Parler’s termination, Gab has seen a staggering 753 percent growth in users.

They are currently having trouble keeping up with the present traffic, Joe M shared on Parler while using his own Gab name. However, when Parler abruptly goes dark, people will be able to locate him.

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How to download and install the official Gab social media app for Android:

How to download the Gab Social Media web app on an Android smartphone is as follows:

  • Launch Chrome.
  • Visit the official Gab website.
  • Select “Install App” by tapping the three-dot or choices button in the top right corner of the screen. Add to the home screen will appear if the install app is hidden.
  • Utilizing Chrome, install Gab.
  • From the home screen, you can now browse social media on gab.

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How to download and install the official Gab social media app for iOS and iPhone:

Gab.Com Android App

  • Get your iPhone’s Safari application open.
  • Now open the Safari app on your iPhone and navigate Gab’s official website.
  • On the bottom of the page, in the middle, click the arrow button labeled “Share.”
  • now find “Add to Home Screen” by scrolling up.
  • Give the shortcut a name, and Safari will then add the Gab app to your home screen.
  • After then, all it takes to launch the Gab App is a tap on the icon located on the Home screen.
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