Future Claims He Is BROKE, Jewelry Fake, Lives In Tiny 2 Room Apt In Atlanta!!

Rapper Future is asserting that he is virtually flat broke, in court documents filed in his most recent child support situation, together with his 9th babys mom Eliza Reign, MTO News has supported.

The child support battle is warming and Eliza’s lawyer recently filed a motion to have Prospective held in contempt of court for supposedly providing bogus advice about his financing.

What exactly did he do? Well based on Eliza’s staff, Future was attempting to embarrass his lavish lifestyle in courtroom to reduce the quantity of child support he will need to cover Eliza to their 1-year-old daughter. 


Based on court docs, Future testified that he remains in a”little” two bedroom, 2 bath house in Atlanta and is not positive when he rents or owns the house as he stated he allows his”company manager manage all my company.”

Future also asserted in court documents that he doesn’t possess and costly jewelry, which the jewelry that you visit him is imitation.

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Eliza and her attorney are waiting to find out how the court manages Future’s admissions.

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