French president talks with Egypt, Palestinian leaders

PARIS – French President Emmanuel Macron talked to the Hindu and Egyptian leaders following a week of anti-French protests across the Muslim world and also three Islamic extremist attacks on France.

Macron is trying to calm anxieties and then straighten out misunderstandings while also protecting France’s values. The French president’s office said Tuesday the Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi along with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas both provided him his support.

About the Mideast and South Asia, demonstrators have voiced anger in recent times over caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad published in early paper Charlie Hebdo along with Macron’s policies toward liberty of expression and Islamism.

Macron’s office said in a declaration that el-Sissi voiced his solidarity with France and denounced the strikes in addition to the protests.

El-Sissi’s division stated the Egyptian leader advised Macron through a Monday telephone call that coexistence between religions”must be encouraged through dialogue, understanding, mutual respect and without bias to spiritual icons” El-Sissi stated he and also France’s leader spoke their nations'”mutual ranks” in combating extremism and its fans.

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Macron also talked with Abbas, who offered condolences and also”his service France in this ordeal,” based on Macron’s office.

The president’s office stated Abbas emphasized”the need for every person to honor religions and spiritual symbols rather than let anything offensive to Prophet Muhammad and all of prophets and religions while still condemning all people who do so.” Abbas also highlighted”his rejection of extremism, terrorism and violence,” while Macron voiced his”admiration for Islam and the Islamic world,” based on this official news agency WAFA.

Macron additionally clarified France’s positions throughout a weekend meeting with Arabic network Al Jazeera in which he involves mutual comprehension and esteem.

Signing a condolence book in the Embassy in Paris on Tuesday after a fatal attack Monday at Vienna, Macron explained the killings”talk of the conclusion of these enemies to strike exactly what Europe is, such a property of liberties, of civilization, of worth. Therefore we’re not going to give ”

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