Freeze-drying pets to conserve them indefinitely

freeze-drying pets to preserve them forever

For over a decade, both Kathy and her partner Oddball were fairly much inseparable.Credit:

“via a blend of rather low heat and vacuum program, all moisture has been eliminated, leaving the cells differently unaltered,” describes the site of the US-based Perpetual Pet. “Your puppy is returned to room temperature, also remains indefinitely in exactly the identical condition.”

However creepy? ) Yep. But after talking with a girl about the relaxation she receives from getting her freeze-dried Staffordshire terrier still fretting about on his favorite blanket, I am rethinking my stance to”life” after death.

For over a decade, both Kathy and her partner Oddball were pretty much off. After he died at their house near Gympie, Queensland, five decades back, Kathy had decided to get him maintained.

She placed him and required him Markus Michalowitz in Down Under Taxidermy & Pet Preservation. After three weeks at the drying room (bigger creatures take more ), Oddball — reclining, with head resting on one leg — arrived home .


“I have no children and have been quite lonely,” says Kathy. “Today, when I walk through my property, I will visit Oddball in his customary sunny place in the front area.”

Can she move him around?

Kathy:”Really, I did another day. Since every couple of months you have to squirt him to prevent moths and cockroaches eating him” (Michalowitz cautions that burrowing creatures are also vulnerable to humidity, and also”shouldn’t be retained close to an open chimney”.)

Kathy appears amazed when requested if Oddball’s existence makes her uneasy:”No, certainly not… I gave this little fella all of the love I possibly can, and it is a true comfort to have him about.”

Freeze-drying is not affordable. With financial assistance from an ex, Kathy compensated nearly $4000 to get Oddball immortalised. She doesn’t have regrets. “They did a beautiful job,” she informs me”and I’ve got him for the remainder of my entire life. And when anything happens to me, my ex has consented to accept him.”

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