Free Fire Max Download Pc: Best I Os and Android Games Similar to Free Fire (2022)

The Indian government just outlawed 54 new apps, including Garena Free Fire. This comes after the government outlawed TikTok, PUBG Mobile, and numerous more apps created by Chinese developers. You’ve come to the correct place if you miss playing Free Fire and are looking for games similar to it to play in your spare time. The top Free Fire alternatives for iOS and Android that you may play in 2022 and beyond have been compiled by us. With features, partnerships, and a wide range of material similar to Free Fire in India, we’ve identified the top battle royale mobile games there.

Best I Os and Android Games Similar to Free Fire (2022)

Free Fire Max in Garena

You may be aware that the Indian government just outlawed the game Free Fire there. However, the same company’s Free Fire Max isn’t included on the list of prohibited Chinese apps. As of the time this article was being written, India’s Google Play Store and Apple App Store both offer this battle royale game for download. Free Fire Max is an improved version of Free Fire with better graphics for those who are unfamiliar.

The 10-minute, 50-player battle royale experience that you may be familiar with from the original Free Fire game is available in Free Fire Max. This time around, you get to play the game in HD graphics for a smoother gaming experience. Furthermore, you can still utilize Free Fire Max to play with other Free Fire gamers outside of India because of Freelink technology. So sure, if you want to enjoy the same gameplay mechanics and material as Free Fire, this is probably your best option.

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Mobile Battlegrounds in India

You shouldn’t pass over Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India if you consider yourself a fan of battle royale games. The popular battle royale game PUBG Mobile was released as an Indian derivative, and this game gives you the same experience on your mobile devices. You receive new game modes in addition to the essential battle royale experience, as well as regular patch updates.

You are more likely to encounter Indian players in the game because Battlegrounds Mobile India (also known as BGMI) was created specifically with Indian gamers in mind. Sadly, it also implies that you won’t likely find a large international audience here. The second game on our list, PUBG: New State, should be taken into consideration if you want to engage in combat with gamers from around the world.

New State in Pubg

A next-generation battle royale game called PUBG: New State was released by Krafton last year. The game has amassed a sizable player base and a vibrant player base since its creation. You shouldn’t pass up PUBG: New State if you’re looking for a sophisticated substitute for Free Fire.

Numerous new features are included in PUBG: New State, including as the Troi map, new vehicles, customizable weapons, and more. Dodging, drone calls, and assistance requests are just a few of the new game mechanics. However, keep in mind that for the best experience, you’re better off playing this game on a gaming phone or a high-end phone.

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Battlefield: Mobile

If you enjoy playing video games, you’ve probably heard of the wildly successful Call of Duty series. Call of Duty: Mobile, which first appeared on mobile devices in late 2019, has quickly become one of the top multiplayer games available on Android. You can play battle royale with up to 100 players on Call of Duty: Mobile.

The variety of game types offered in Call of Duty: Mobile is what I enjoy about it the most. You also get seasonal content that changes every month, including new game types, maps, themed events, and rewards. Additionally, the game’s graphics are undoubtedly among the greatest in the mobile gaming sector. You will be pleasantly surprised by the wide range of possibilities you get in Call of Duty: Mobile as a well-liked battle royale alternative if you are coming from Free Fire.


When switching from Free Fire, you might want to think about playing Fortnite instead. It’s safe to argue that among young gamers, Fortnite has become a cultural phenomenon. The free-to-play cross-platform battle royale game was first made available for mobile devices in 2018 by Epic Games. Fortnite is a resource-intensive game, so even if it’s appealing, you’ll need a high-end phone to play it well.

Having saying that, installing Fortnite is more complicated than you might anticipate. The game is not accessible through the Google Play Store or the App Store because of Epic Games’ legal dispute with Apple and Google. iPhone users must rely on cloud gaming services like GeForce Now while Android users can sideload the game or install it from the Galaxy Store on Samsung smartphones.

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Due to its portable size and wide appeal, the popularity of the MaskGun has increased over the last few months. The multiplayer first-person shooter game has 1v1 and multiplayer modes, over 40 weapons, numerous maps, and customizable characters. 5v5 team deathmatch, rumble, control point, and a MOD mode that mixes all three of these modes are all included in the game.

MaskGun just uses 155MB of your phone’s storage space, making it perfect for players with mid-range phones as well. Don’t forget to look into MaskGun if you’re seeking a Free Fire substitute that uses fewer system resources on your phone.

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