Free Fire Apk: Download the Garena Free Fire Game Apk for Jio Phone, Android, and Pc in 2021.

free fire apk

Before each significant Free Fire update, Garena offers an advanced server. The majority of users eagerly anticipate its launch because this server offers information on potential additions and adjustments to the game’s future patch.

On September 1, the Free Fire Advance Server for OB36 update went live, and it has since generated a lot of discussion among fans of the game. Similar to previous servers, it gives users a great chance to test out a variety of new features and earn free diamonds by reporting bugs and other problems.

Before it ends, interested players can download the APK file and install the Advance Server. Below is a thorough instruction on how to achieve this.

free fire apk

On the Advance Server website, Garena has provided a direct APK download link for the file. Below are detailed instructions for obtaining and installing this APK:

Step 1: Players must go to the Advance Server website on their devices. Tapping this link will take them to the website.

Step 2: After that, users should log in using the method they selected at registration. Players should then select the “Download APK” option. The APK file download will start shortly. They must first make sure they have enough capacity on their devices because the file is 765 MB in size.

Step 3: After the download is complete, users must enable their devices’ “Install from Unknown Source” settings.

Step 4: After installing the APK file, players can access the Free Fire OB36 Advance Server.

Later, players can access and take advantage of the most recent features by opening the game’s program and entering their Activation Code.

Note: If players wish to test out the Advance Server, they must have the Activation Code because it is impossible to enter the server without it. To view instructions on how to obtain this code, go here.

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What Is the Game’s Objective?

free fire apk

The idea behind this action-packed survival shooter game is built on cooperative play. It follows that the game cannot be played offline. There are two alternative modes available when using an internet server to play the game.

The first one emphasizes an all-out, island-wide strategy. To win the game in this version, 40 people compete against one another. The second one divides participants into teams of four in a slightly smaller format. The goal is still the same.

How Is the Game Playing?

free fire apk

Free Fire Battlegrounds has simple controls compared to other smartphone games. The primary character is capable of crawling, crouching, and standing movements. The target point turns red to indicate the enemy’s precise location in the game’s partially automatic shot mode.

There are many safe zones in the game where you can rest and stop the radiation from the island from further harming your health. These zones get smaller as the game goes along. Although the play is only 10 minutes long, the goal is to save your energy for the very end.

There is a limited supply of ammunition in the battle royale game, and you must buy weapons, grenades, and other stuff to gain additional abilities. You can purchase a variety of health packs to keep you alive until the game’s conclusion. Additionally, you can buy cars using “diamonds” and other in-game items.

The cars and weapons are easy to operate. You can maneuver through the action game’s many actions with the help of the on-screen compass. You are unable to shoot other players when operating a vehicle. However, you can run them over and go on a killing spree. The background melody keeps you interested even though the pictures in some scenes seem dated.

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How About Modifications?

free fire apk

This Android game has more customizing choices than other games in its genre. In fact, the character customizations make every aspect of the game exciting. The majority of characters don’t seem like typical people, and some of them even have pets or particular accessories. As was already noted, “diamonds” can be used to upgrade and modify avatars, buy weapons, and drive vehicles over vast areas.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the game is a genuine survival shooter. It would like to concentrate on a whimsical, cartoonish aesthetic. Weird aesthetics come with the option to change weapons, fill up on health, and drive cars.

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