Fox 911 Season Finale: Episode 18 Is the Finale. Season 6 Is Happening

fox 911 season finale

It’s a wedding! It’s over! A life-threatening stunt! In terms of season finales, Monday’s episode of 9-1-1 ticked all the boxes.

Executive producer Kristen Reidel spoke with TVLine about the finale’s biggest revelations, as well as how some of them could affect the show’s newly ordered sixth season. But first, a refresher:

Buck and Taylor faced the painful truth about their relationship, eventually choosing to part before anyone gets (further) hurt; Bobby spent the majority of the hour burying his Jonah-related guilt until a chance encounter with Eddie helped him reach a critical breakthrough; May opted to attend college in the autumn, effectively leaving her days at the call centre behind her; and the 118 gathered to celebrate Hen and Karen’s marriage at a beautiful vow-renewal ceremony that doubled as an opportunity for healing.

After you’ve graded the finale and the season, keep reading for our entire interview with Reidel. Will Taylor continue to orbit the 118? May and Albert, have we seen the last of them? Is it possible that Maddie and Chimney will reconcile? All of these (and more!) concerns have been addressed. Please, as usual, leave a comment with your opinions.

Why Was Eddie the One Who Came to Bobby’s Aid and Saved Him from Relapsing without Even Realising It?

fox 911 season finale

Bobby has been by Eddie’s side the entire time. Not only this season but even before Shannon’s death. Bobby and Eddie are quite similar in many aspects. They’ve both lost their wives and, in Bobby’s case, their children. They’re both people who shoulder a great deal of responsibility. Bobby has always been the man who has given Eddie guidance and guided him anytime he has been in difficulties.

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And there was something very essential to us about Bobby’s assistance in allowing Eddie to be there. “Oh, I see where Bobby might be going down a horrible path,” Eddie said while he was in a good place. I’m going to walk up and assure him everything will be fine; you’re a decent man.” And it was the logical conclusion to Eddie’s journey this season — that he’s in a position to help someone else.

Will We See Athena and Bobby on Their Honeymoon in Season 6?

We wanted to bring Athena and Bobby to a decent place so that we could have some fun with them next year. But only in the sense of “9-1-1.” We’ve spoken about doing their honeymoon for a long time but have never been able to do so due to a variety of factors. So hopefully we’ll get to see some of that in Season 6.

Was There Ever a Chance Buck and Taylor Wouldn’t Get Back Together in The End?

fox 911 season finale

Because of who they are, it was always going to be impossible for them to live. Taylor is someone who believes that the truth, in quotations, is more important than anything else. It takes precedence over a person’s sentiments. She simply sees her function in the world as more global. Buck, on the other hand, will never be okay with that because he is the polar opposite. Buck considers individuals to be more important than everything else.

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Occasionally, to his detriment. Buck has wanted to be the person who “stuck” for a long time, to quote “Jerry Maguire.” He did it with Abby, Ali, and Taylor, and he tried to do it with Taylor as well. He believed that if he could just show up, invest enough, and be a good guy, everything would fall into place. And in the end, he had to admit to himself, “I’m not happy.” And if this isn’t a healthy relationship, perhaps the best thing for me to do is walk away.” Buck comes to the realisation that he doesn’t have to stay with someone simply to stay with them.

Eddie’s Reappearance on The 118

For a long time, I believe Eddie believed that returning would fix his situation. It also wouldn’t have worked. And now that he’s back, we’re implying that he’s continuing at it — that Eddie isn’t cured, but he’s in a better position. He’s on a mission to become a better, happier Eddie. That seemed to be the point at which he could return because the job was just that. The job wasn’t going to be the thing that saved him. That has already occurred.

Wedding of Hen and Karen

fox 911 season finale

We only wanted to make Hen and Karen happy. We’ve talked about how she and her mother [Toni, played by Marsha Warfield] had a tumultuous relationship for many years, and that part of it was because Hen was dating a woman. It just felt like the right time to give them a fresh start, because there had always been a small snag in their relationship. As a result, we wanted Toni to come around and say, “What do you think? I was incorrect, and let’s solve it. Let’s repair it right now. Let’s make up for the day you missed out on the last time.”

What Can We Expect from Season 6?

Dinners don’t work well on 9-1-1, for example. Proposals aren’t warmly received on 9-1-1. So, yeah, you will most likely see part of that vacation next season, and it will be every 9-1-1.

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In Season 6, What Else Do You Hope to See?

fox 911 season finale

Simply put, it’s more enjoyable. We had a little bit more trauma this season for a lot of reasons — and I believe the show works best when there’s a balance when there’s some trauma but also some joyous, funny, goofy. I believe it was an ingredient that was perhaps lacking this year. So, more wacky emergencies, and more of our folks juggling work and personal lives. But for now, I’m simply enjoying the fact that “We made it to the end!” and looking forward to a lot of fun and exciting things for next year.