Former reality contestant spills explosive details about TV show

Former reality contestant spills explosive details about TV show

Recently, a contestant of a popular reality TV Show had a breakdown during a radio interview session. The contestant openly said to the listeners around the country that after appearing on the TV Show he’s life is ruined.

By the looks of it, the show where the man did appear wasn’t revealed during the radio interview. Moreover, the contestant did appear on the radio show Jodie & Soda. Additionally, Jodie & Soda is a production of the radio channel Adelaide Mix 102.3.

The radio channel did bring forward the saddening revelation of the contestant’s experience in the show. Nevertheless, according to the notable sources, the reality TV Show ran for over eight years on Australian TV. The interview was quite explosive, according to the listeners.

The contestant did say about his horrifying experience

According to the contestant, the TV Show made him feel like he was in prison. The TV Show put massive amounts of restraints on every other contestant as well. Moreover, the contestant did not hear anything on the radio or even TV. On the other hand, the contestant also said that he did not talk to anyone for a very long time.

On Christmas Day, the show did give the contestant a chance to make a single phone call. In an instant, the contestant made a phone call to his family; however, there was a catch. The contestant said that the producer of the show was also on the other line of the phone call. In addition to this, the producer was listening to the conversation.

The contestant had to consult a psychologist

It was the producers of the show that gave him the line to say and the producers were the masterminds behind the show. The role of the psychologist was to get the reactions from the contestants rather than merely supporting them.

During the interview, the contestant even broke down and was crying while remembering the horrific experience. After coming out of the show, the man had a hard time to bond with his family.

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